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shit you hate


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People who think their music is better than others.

Music is all about OPINION how are you gonna say your opinion is right and mine isn't?

i've said it numerous times, but some opinion aint worth shit.

you could argue that this is an opinion as well, but thats just how it is. it all depends on whether or not you care. apparently u do.

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Hate it when you take a long midterm and there's always that one question you're 50/50 on and when you turn it in, you are still debating in your mind whether you shouldve placed the other answer and when you compare with friends outside of class you find out the other answer was right and you hate yourself.

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passive aggressiveness

i just got a pair of 0.99 earbuds (the price tag was still on) for secret santa along with the message "you always play your music very loud". since i've come here, not once has anybody asked me to turn my music down.

i'm especially pissed off because i put tons of time into my secret santa gift

man, that is passive agressive as fuck, but also really hilarious

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being sick (fuck head colds, seriously fucking fuck them to fucking hell)

going to bed at 8 because of said illness and then waking up at 7 in the morning, having missed out on all the festivities of the past night

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^ I had my phone stolen out of my hand once..shit sucks esp since certain photos were on there and never recovered..

another time I was at a cafe and I set my wallet down for one second and a guy sprints by and steals it..my friend just paid me back several hundreds too cos I got him giftcards (for his gf) :mad:

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getting fucking rear ended when i'm sitting at a red light by some asshole doing 50 mph while i'm at a dead stop. red means stop sir, slow the fuck down.

sorry to hear..

same thing happened to me earlier this year by a gov't owned vehicle..

when I got out of the car, I was about to go my lid on the bitch that was driving.. I got out the words "what the fuck was that!? are you retar...."

then her mentally handicapped passenger came out of the car and I waited for the police inside my car..


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I have an employee benefits final tomorrow morning at 9am and I just got an email from my professor that says the exam will no longer consist of multiple choice questions and two essays.. instead the whole exam is multiple choice..

he shouldn't be allowed to change the exam format last minute like this especially if everyone was studying for the final exam like every other exam he gave.

here is an example of what one of his multiple choice questions look like:

14) blah blah blah blah blah blah blah?

a. blah blah blah

b. blah

c. blah blah

d. blah blahhhhh

e. blahhhhhhh

f. a and b

g. a, b, and d

h. b and c

i. b, c, d, and e

j. a, c, and e

k. all of the above

I wish I was exaggerating..

the essays were there so people could gain back points they lost on the multiple choice questions..

now, I'm fucked... big time.

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