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  1. stayhandsome

    Where to spend winter time?

    We lost our dog who we had to nurse along the past few years which limited our travel so we spontaneously went to Costa Rica in March. Being American I didn't want to go to Puerto Rico or Mexico where a undertone of animosity would be occasionally present and TBH we really surprised by Costa Rica. Spent the first 4 days in San Jose their big city by the airport. Probably a day or 2 too long for some but we found a boutique high rise called URBN filled with modern Airbnb's for about $60 a night right in a Gastro area. Downtown was cool, some brutalist architecture. But the food was amazing and for an upscale but reasonable time check Sikwa. Spent the last 4 days in Manuel Antonio their national park where the rainforest meets the beach. Incredible. You can get a giant coconut with a few shots of rum added at the entrance to the park for about $6. We stayed at Gaia, highly recommended. About $200 for a room ours was higher but it's 5 star and worth it. A solo car trip with driver between the airport is $150.
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