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  1. cyberPUNK

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS P20-S (bag, spec sheet, and tags included) Black Size S 9.5/10, worn 3 times $850 Paypal Shipped WW
  2. cyberPUNK


    For anyone who gives a fuck, some Haven shit shipped today.
  3. cyberPUNK


    anybody else find this acrhive instagram account cringey as fuck? had to unfollow it was getting out of hand.
  4. cyberPUNK


    For Firmament, California is under the Ks. Germans spell it with a K.
  5. cyberPUNK

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTB: Acronym 3A-1 in original color scheme (none of this new shiny shit) Cheers.
  6. cyberPUNK


    From the looks of it they aren't making the 3A-1 in the original color scheme. Anyone have one for sale? Maybe I'm in the minority, but not a fan of all this new shiny shit.
  7. cyberPUNK

    football: the beautiful game

    Damn, that's rough. I made the mistake of captain-ing Ozil.
  8. cyberPUNK

    football: the beautiful game

    Oh wow, didn't notice the other league. Looking forward to the season. Is the sufu one pay to play? If so let me know and I'll Paypal the appropriate individuals. Good luck everyone! Looking forward to an exciting season.
  9. cyberPUNK

    football: the beautiful game

    Fantasy Premier League anyone? Invite code: 752933-189847
  10. cyberPUNK

    superconfessional II: the sequel

    Meh, fuck that guy for his having his whole life handed to him. You're building character though. Can't buy that.
  11. cyberPUNK

    Rep points

    holy shit this thread is fucking stupid.
  12. cyberPUNK

    Urban Techwear

    I got the acg black/black in xs. worried it'll be too small, but we'll see.
  13. cyberPUNK

    japan goin crazy over new attorney general of crimea

    Life is too good sometimes.
  14. cyberPUNK

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    Anyone know any web designers in Tokyo that would be free to work on a project for 1-3 months? Pay would be project based and ideally have some experience with the following: Ruby on Rails (A little familiarity | ã¡ã‚‡ã£ã¨èª­ã‚ã‚‹ãらã„ã¯å¬‰ã—ã„) HTML Javascript Coffeescript SCSS Haml Any language is OK and gig would begin immediately. Cheers.
  15. cyberPUNK

    football: the beautiful game

    Speaks volumes about the amount of pressure he's under. Not to mention Rooney losing his shit after Carrick's goal https://vine.co/v/MWJ1PJAPt5t With United out of the running for anything worth a shit, I'm looking to the Cardiff relegation battle to keep my blood pumping.