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shit you hate


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hoping for a snow day all night, then waking up to be severely dissapointed.


what the fuck? why would you want this? I woke up this morning in fucking California freezing my tits off and the fucking lawn is like white because the water froze over. the fucking roof is white. I like frost burned myself from trying to open freeze-stuck door of car.

fuck the cold!

edit: fuck waking up in the morning when you can't see the sun

also, it is impossible to do shit with gloves on. orchestra concert at 7:30 and I have to play with fucking blue hands

this weather is UNDER 9000!!!!!111111111111

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tacky gay boy fashion.

jesus fucking christ, if uggs can make beautiful girls less appealing im fairly sure they wont help your chubby, frosted-tip hairdo, h&m uniform wearin' ass.. and what the fuck is with them tucking their pants into any and every pair of flamboyant boots they wear? sorry, but the BOOTCUT hollister jawns youre sporting are called bootcut for a reason, so take them out of your COWBOY BOOTS already, fuck gurl...

also- roommates getting pussy hurt about you not washing their fucking dirty dishes after they assigned you "your share of the clean up". fucking queens

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hung out with this new girl a few times this week and while we were out to drinks Wednesday night she asks me to her company xmas party which is tonight. I was suppose to work but was able to switch some shifts around and get the night off (ended up having to pick up a Christmas eve shift in the process tho) and when I text her back yesterday to let her know I could go for sure she never reponded or called me back or anything. Fuckin fucked.

at least I found out she's a piece of shit before I got emotionally invested in the situation, but still, we had a damn good time too :/

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Finished a degree and just about to finish a post grad course wanted to move into finance and now its all fucked up I'm left here holding my dick.

Not to mention I've had this realisation lately that unless you land a big break in a decent job or even when you do, you will never ever be wealthy, you suck alot of arse to stay and grow from that position and you have to put up with a lot of bullshit.

fuck being a suit

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Timewasting and gold digging bitches

Re: the 2nd -

I think I can count all the non - on one hand, and those I've just been content just keeping it at the friendship level, never saw it any other way.

if you can read chinese and follow the crazy drama about a few sagas that involve young girls here in HK over the past week (seriously, the whole week media has been focusing on like these same 2-3 cases), shit is sickening. Yeah, if you come to HK/China as a foreigner, I'd advise you to go play all you want, but make sure you tell her to take her stuff and leave the room before you go to sleep. If she's trying to talk to you just nod and smile and focus on the music rather than what she's saying, don't let any of that shit fool you it's smoke and mirrors.

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Fuck the Islamists. Fuck the Jihadists. I hate every country under Islamic law in the whole world. I hate that we invaded the wrong country. I hate that Iraq was secular and had Christians living peacefully in it, but now all the Islamists are terrorizing them and blowing up liquor stores and shit cause they want a country under Islamic law. I hate that. I hate that Iraq is going to come out more Islamic than it was before we went in there. Saddam was sketch but not nearly as sketch as the dudes in Iran and Saudi Arabia. I love that Saddam was about drinking whiskey and popping pills, he said "fuck the Koran I'm gonna party"--- TRUE, that's my homie.

I hate Saudi Arabia. I hate oppressing women. I hate Bush all your main homies are Saudis. I hate people who do business with Islamists. I hate people not knowing that Bush is on the ISLAMIST Saudis nuts. Radical Islam=Terrorism. Radical Islam is the enemy. Iraq was NOT a radical Islamic country. Now it will be. Thanks Bush! I'm no "war hating left winger." I hate when liberals try to "understand" and be "open minded" to a culture that wants enslave women and kill anyone that disagrees with them. But shit, that was not Iraq.

What we need to do is drop rap videos on all these Islamic countries. Get the kids to stop thinking the Koran is cool and start going after the goods NOW. Fuck the chance of 72 virgins in heaven, get it NOW. It's there for the taking! Just ball out, As sala'amu alaikum Dipset bitch! Fuck a Koran, pop bottles bitches! Grey Goose, big chains, oil money, get it get it! Sell that crack, get that money, fuck those hoes... Those complete body shaws, those aren't hot! Hell no! How are we supposed to see if she even got an ass? Baby Phat! Get those jewels on your celly Jasmine! Ahkmed get your money up! Stop getting so angry about Israel, make money with those Jews, they are good at that! Get that paper, get rich, get bitches, when was the last time you saw Abdullah Hassan at the club poppin bottles with models? NEVER. He's just a herb!

Actin' bad like a kid at Six Flags...

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i enjoy yo remixez

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My job.

People who sit really close to me on the bus.

Starting to tell a story and suddenly losing all will to go on.

When I get into trouble and my first reaction is to smile or laugh.

People talk/chew/slurp/text message/answer their phone during a movie.

Being cold all the time.

Stepping out of the shower into a freezing bathroom.


Little tiny ants. Big juicy ants.

When people ask me if I got all my clothes at H&M.

Forgetting about an ebay auction, only to see that it went for an insanely low price.

Wind chill.

Getting punished at work.

People who don't have an volume control at all.

Being at a concert/show and feeling like 'one of the fans'.

Missing the first part of a film.

Buying a new notebook, filling up two or three pages, and then totally losing interest. .

Guessing and preempting everything that may or may not happen.

Girls who constantly stare at you, but in a mean way, a 'looking at all your flaws' way.

Being asked really general questions: "So...what are you all about?"

Job interviews.

Being pale and constantly overexposed in photos.

But I seriously seriously love making lists.

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