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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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Here are my postwash pics for my 007's

Here they are:

Hot wash with detergent, and a 10 min tumble dry when they were damp.






i like how the paint is coming off the button slowly.

Higher res closeups:





fit pics later.

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Heh, in truth? Marching Band at college. And lots of it. And as of now, these are my only jeans so I'll be sticking with them for a good while. Thanks for the comments guys.

Amen, brother.

Marching band in highschool :P.

Great looking jeans everyone, and yes fit pics are a plus.

Just hit 25 wears with the Rakers,

ill post around 50.

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here is a small update. I guess these pics are pretty close to the actual color. It is pretty gloomy right now. Pretty dull considering I ride my bike everyday to school; hopefully these will turn out better.

FH3001:size 29

5/6 months of wear

2 soaks

1 full wash




SC_Okinawas: size 28

5/6 Months of Wear

2 Soaks

Should I wash these?




Happily Together



Sorry for the many big pics. Hopefully these are noteworthy to be in the evolution thread.

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i love starting new rules...

almostnice: interesting how your arc are holding strong

skistar: i love when poly-core thead breaks. viva cotton thread! nice wear, btw

knugget/twisted trees: nice sams

lawls: dont noob yourself out and post in the evo thread after 25-50 wears unless you wear them everyday on some kind of 'dirty-job'. patience, son

mr. invincible: please dont take my comment to offense, but if you would relegate yourself to one pair, you'd see more results. flat heads aren't very stubborn fade-wise. you've got enough denim to last for @least 2 years worth of projects. beat those fuckers in!!!

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ya... screw poly-core!

they were advertising that it was suppose to be what... 50% stronger than cotton? I've never had a problem with cotton tread and i'm sure I'll bust every seam on the FH's by the time I'm done with them!

mr invincible: don't wash.... you'll regret it!

cabl3, coni, knugget, and those other sammies: all your jeans are looking bad-ass, keep it up!

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to disregard everyone's comments(because I didn't read it before), I hot washed the jeans with little detergent in permanent press mode and was put into the dryer for 40 minutes. Now my whiskers and combs are gone..

gah, i shouldve read this before. It's ok, at least the size went back down and it smells great. I am going to wear these to snowboarding tomorrow.

thanks for all the comments

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