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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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Knugget- yeah it is.

I have soaked them once and kinda hand spot wash them when I spill oil or something on them. I'll machine wash soon. The white knees are a mixture of indigo loss and embedded dirt. I'm sure the contrast wont be so drastic after a good wash.:) and yes I am a farmer that is what I do in these jeans.

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sick pic, but y not post the whole jean

cos i was trying to make a panorama of the hems with the edge showing. lol i actually tried taking tons of close ups of my Sams to turn it into one super detailed panorama but i couldnt mesh them all together, i'll try again sometime soon.

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i vowed not to post the sams again until i finally sent them to gordon for a good fix up, since after that machine wash/dry they are way to much for even me to hand repair completely . i don't even think he repairs pocket-bags, which is what rendered them 'unwearable'. but now due to request i'll post some pics of them in a day or two, and then again whenever they get fixed-up. i've already externally patched them with four different kinds of denim, and im looking for more varieties. i want to see how they all react to wear once i put them back into heavy duty mode. if anyone wants to donate *gasp* any swatches pm me. or ill just beg gordon for a goodie bag of patches and thread. . .

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dope job on those morrisons face

seconded. best gaps ive seen. poly, i've been working on the full counts for a month now, i'll post pics whenever any signif. wear occurs, these dont fade fast @ all, but the indigo is giving way some. caspers jins are fresh with the subway train tracks.

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heres a few jeans ive been working on.

Nudie Slim Jim Dry Ilbon 28x32 No wash, no soak almost 1 year solid


LVC 1967 606 Super Slims, 29x32 No wash, no soak about 7-8 months solid


Levi's 511 Skinny, 29x32 No wash, no soak about 7-8 months solid



Levi's Products with Roots Limited Edition 1947 501, 1 Hot soak, 1 Hot wash about 6 months wear


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Some people asked for detail pics of my Dry Bones Red-D (6.5 months)

These were posted almost exactly a month ago:


Here are pics of them hanging on my fence:



Left Knee:


Right Honeycomb:


Butt Fades and Details:


These were all taken with a Canon 40D under the shadows of a giant oak tree in my yard. If anyone wants to see more just tell me what and I'll take the pic.

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sayocean lookin good but no real wear for 7 to 8 months... i think if you just focused on one pair they would look pretty good at 7 to 8 months but im pretty sure those jeans will look good with another years work (assuming you rotate those 3)

thanks, and yep I'm gonna be focusing on one pair at a time from now on. All i've got is time :)

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