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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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Spunkey those 660s are really nice. I particularly like the contrast on the honeycombs it looks pretty cool that there is so much indigo still in that area alone. I'm gonna assume you washed or soaked them at least once... how did you hang them for drying? by waist or hem or something else?

I machine washed them atleast 8-9 times, dried in the dryer 3-4 times and the rest of the time I hung them on a hanger by the waist and put them behind the dryer while it was running

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Shots of my SExFH05...I repaired the crotch but I have developed a pretty aversion to slim jeans...its a shame cause these were just starting to get awesome.




And some detail shots:







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my brothers jeans.


Edwin ed-47's 3 years old, lots of washes


PBJ 005's, 2 years old, 5 washes

yes i agree these need to be quoted. the edwins are my definition of an ideal fades

what happened to the leg of the pbjs? looks like paint

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What caused the cool fading below the pocket? It looks awesome, kinda like the aurora borealis.

Well,coming of my Vespa at 50mph on a wet road wasnt that cool at all,I am still surprised how good this pair survived.thats also where the two small holes on the left knee are from.But you are right,now it looks quiet good-even too me.nice comparison btw.:D

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