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Used to watch this video with the homies back in 01' every time while we blazed. Lol.


haha, this brings back memories. I remember when cable internet first came out and I would download this shit off kazaa at my friend's house

another classic vid you've probably seen


and to the poster above... I lurk tokecity occasionally, just to admire peoples' collections

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GO is hands down the most effective cleaning solution for glass..

not for multichambered tubes and impatient people

definitely not as effective as iso + salt.....

anyone wanna buy a 24'' double chamber roor? Inline ashcatcher? hit me up

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Anybody from LA/Venice know whats up with the medical marijuana "apartment" on ocean front walk? Kinda vague, but definitely beyond where westminster and ocean front walk hit there was this black girl outside saying "medical marijuana, get it legal. Apartment 1811 the doctor is in, get your card the right way" with a big fat sign.

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