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The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.


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^ If you thought 10K was ridiculous, check out these 250k denims.



The best part is the douchebag who makes these advertises them as the edgy alternative to TR and R&R so that you can "stand out of the crowd"

hahahhaha here is some excerpts of articles i found on these jeans

"The generation X cannot just live without denims. For decades, denim outfits have continued to be the coolest obsessions of the bold and the beautiful. From celebrities to factory workers, from chic metro-sexual gangs to social activist groups – the appeal of denim is just undeniable. But the two pairs of denim trousers designed by Dussault, teaming up with Bloodline Design’s Malcolm Norman have surpassed all previous denim fashion trends.

These two exclusive denim jeans have bejeweled wallet chains that are studded with precious diamonds and rubies. One pair flaunts of white gold wallet chain with diamonds crafted in it while the other comes with a Marquis Rose gold wallet chain, studded with rubies. Each one of these precious denim trousers is ready to drain as much as $250,000 from your bank balance. I know that’s quite a beyond-imagination price tag but hold on guys, Dussault chief is not that bad a person to let you down"

"Each piece is hand-sewn, hand-painted, dyed and washed 13 times giving the jeans (which will retail for $375) a one-of-a-kind fee"

some of his ordinary jeans




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despite the fact that the dudes to his left and right looks like tools, it's kind of hard to criticize how gene simmons dresses. He's gotten more poon than all the people on this board combined, and compared to his usual attire, this is pretty toned down.

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Jesus Crom. I've gotten into arguments over paying $200-$300 for a pair of raw jeans...And these fuckers are asking $250,000 for a pair that's been washed 13 times.

Go figure.

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