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The ugliest Jeans in the world thread.


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WOW that is rediculous! Im suprized evisu doesnt yet got the screen printed arch as something that hangs on your back sorta like the victoria secreit angle wings that the models got but instead its a screanprinted oversized arch.


and these must be used as a torture device at guantanamo bay on the prisoners. they dress the prisoners there in these and make fun of how shitty they look. Its so embarracing for the prisoners that its considered torture.

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Looks like somebody made that (the picture, not the jeans) him/herself. And does that signature say "Eric Bana"?

Nevertheless he or she is very very stupid, when you ruin your Tommy Hilfiger jeans like that.

Yeah, think it says Eric Bana, or thats what it seems like. But isnt he an actor ?

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