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Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info


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Pics or they never happened (10).

Kiya's word is GOD!

and Ed, TH is The Hundreds... its not sufu related and thus probably wont have their own thread here.

But Kiya, DAMN! SELA is looking quite snazzy! now i wont have to settle for punk ass malls when i head to So-Cal, i can peep SELF EDGEEEEEE!!!!!

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To all my Superfuture brothers and sisters...

We're having a little press/friends opening with a few beers Saturday night at 7pm at Self Edge LA. If you're in the area come by and say hi.

Do us a favor and don't repost this on any blogs/boards.

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hey kiya are you able to provide chain-stitching services in LA? the store is right next to my friends place, stoked its so close.

We'll be up and running with the chainstitching later this week.

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Self Edge Los Angeles opened this week...

Check out some photos from Inventory Magazine:










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I am gonna have to check it out. I will wear a ski mask so you don't know it's me....

Wait, maybe I shouldn't have let on to my plan.

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hey kiya the store looks pretty awesome.

I was there on opening day with a few friends. I had my dry bones on (and was riding off some after burn), but you seemed pretty occupied with people coming in and chatting you up. I still gotta find a way to spend contest moneyzzz so i'll be back soon.

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