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Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread


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SI:SP Modular Hood Brace

SI:SP Modular Scarf

SI:SP Component Shirt (L)

SI:SP Component Blazer (L)

Damn, anyone?

If someone can steer me to the right direction I'll pay a finder's fee for the hood brace.


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I have a pair of three-ways (purp) and new Ogs (black) on grailed. Both size 31.


The price is expensive because of duties+shipping so it only makes sense to get them if you are outside US:  http://www.grailed.com/users/13616-deadsunrise/wardrobe



I also made a list with everything I've found available on grailed, ebay, sufu and styforum by outlier. It's here: http://frozenlabs.com/posts/list-of-used-outlier-clothing-for-sale-october-2014

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@Flipflop214  I'd grab that in a heartbeat if it were an XXL.  Great looking piece, good luck.





SI:SP Modular Down Vest in size XL or XXL  (if it's even around anymore)  PM me with a price


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Grey Mission Workshop R6 20L with folio + 2 side zip pockets. SOLD



Arc'teryx Veilance Byet (Small, Titanium, SS13). $240



Arc'teryx Veilance Node IS (Small, Black, FW14). $700


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SI:SP Modular Down Vest sz L


Shipping in the USA and Canada only. Hollar

Making room in my closet. Need this gone.. Priced to sell @$200 shipped via paypal gift or add 4%.

edit: price change


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