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WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)


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This doesn't represent every era


Yeah very abridged. Plus I'm talking about these brands' heydays of popularity rather than their inception. It's missing late 80s HF/Goodenough, and a link between neighborhood/ura hara era into mid 00s visvim dominated era. Then after visvim jumped the shark in about 2008, there's Undercoverism (I maintain from there on was its heyday as streetwear, maybe at least from a western perspective) and then there's Cav Empt for the latest sorta stuff. What else am I missing?

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uniqlo coat + sweater, altuzarra trousers, rachel comey boots

trying some new silhouette with these new trousers, it's ok maybe

better than all the other fits you've posted IMO.  good to see some sort of draping going on.  still too plain tho

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ava catherside

patrik ervell


dries van noten


i don't know how can i develop this look.

what shoe size are you?

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Carol Christian Poell fencing jacket

Maison Martin Margiela  silk crewneck

Balenciaga denim

Carol Christian Poell boots


definitely think this would benefit from a change in scenery

atm looking kinda washed out

+rep tho cuz boots are fuckin' sick

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