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WAYWT destroyed my life (2012)


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it look like a confused kid dressed by the internet. like he heard tech fabric jackets were cool, so he bought one. hes got a styleforum top half and hypebeast bottom with the jacket on top.

and a white jacket is dumb. that shits gonna get dirty so quick if you actually wear it.

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Acne leather sleeve/nylon jacket

Marc Jacobs selvedge jawns

COS tee

All Saints high tops

Kris Van Assche x Eastpak leather backpack

and in the 3rd pic ive got a Uniqlo x undercover hoodie under the jacket too


God damn it Matt Helders, I was hoping your transition to designer clothing would be good :/

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That bad, huh? OK

while i believe that this forum has developed an unreasonably inconsistent knee-jerk reaction to certain styles (e.g. "fuck #menswear" generalizations), i think that the combination of certain pieces in your outfit like the new balances and the shawl collar cardigan in particular don't mesh with the rest of the outfit and throws off the silhouette. maybe it's the slim j.crew trousers too... either way, a couple pieces should have been swapped out.

i'm not advocating the minimalist/monochrome look that gets disproportionate high praise on here, nor avant garde style. i've always been a fan of americana and traditional style actually, despite the relatively recent backlash on here. mixing up stuff is cool, but just as long as the look is aesthetically pleasing and authentic to the style you're pulling off.

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