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  1. I go up one size from my usual Nike size.
  2. Abssssss..
  3. girl roundhouse-kicked my heart
  4. Wonton noodles Hunnan beef ribs
  5. Yeah, Relais d'Entrecôte but in HK.
  6. Steak Frites
  7. Mortadella, Brie, Truffle oil Karaage
  8. ^ Schadenfreude going to get "rich man's disease" aka mercury poisoning from all that sushi. Siu yuk + roast duck rice
  9. Anyone knows if there are grey Achilles low this season? Or in S/S? Need to replace my pair.
  10. Anybody else only now notice the "embossed" fabric has a pattern that spells out "Gyakusou" all-over? Kind of corny..