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  1. those devoas remind me of the veilance align pant: the voronois have interesting pattern n fabric also
  2. btw NYC heads, onu is showing at canal st market. all collections (1, 2, 3) so you can check out their rainbow reflective stuff, fish collagen moisturizing tees, nanoized jade infused cooling paneling. lots of crazy stuff
  3. Ah, I see what you're looking for. In that case, the Nemis never fit that way for me either. It's a pretty boxy cut so it just gives a cropped effect, not really snug. Graph Cardi, Quoin Vest, and Mionn IS Comp Hoody do have that really snug fit at the hem. I think the Quoin and Mionn Comp have bemis bonded hems that really get that snug structure properly, whereas the elastic stuff on the Nemis and Haedn are more for visual contrast than anything imo. Tbh some details on Veilance pieces are not always entirely functional (or rather, optimally functional) but also serve as nods to the 'classic' version of the silhouette they reference. Like the Monitor Coat for example, the fishtail isn't really necesary, and YKK Excella isn't the most advanced zipper out there. those things kinda just ground the piece aesthetically so it doesn't get too futuristic re: fit on mionn IS and graph, I don't recall any design/fit changes made to these. so im not sure they would be any slimmer. it's not impossible though, i had my ss16 nemis warrantyd for the stretched out collar and my replacement has sleeves that are a little longer. it might be, however, that my ss16 had gone through a few wash/dry cycles that shrunk it down a bit. anyway, i will try to check on the mionn and cardi if the nyc store ever gets XSes in
  4. I mean, the Haedn is a bomber made with a fairly structured fabric. I can see why it's a little boxier. It fits a little big on me but I'm already an XS. If you want something slimmer that's kinda similar, the graph cardi fits great. also @Toilettebun my Achrom IS has also slightly delofted, I suspect it's after washing and drying. I don't know if its compromised the warmth of the jacket at all though. its weird, some stuff looks/fits better after a wash for me (apparat, nemis) but insulated stuff not so much
  5. lol damn i rly like these textile nerd mad scientist brands like vollebak and onu. vollebak's marketing vibe is interesting too, makes techwear seem pretty accessible by explaining benefits and not getting too caught up in the technical jargon
  6. Fit should be the same on fw16 and 17, only difference is fw17 has an improved heathered wool softshell. On the FW16 anode, you can barely tell it's composite construction unless you're wearing them and can feel the difference. With the FW17, the visual interest from the heather effect makes for a better contrast against the cotton/nylon paneling.
  7. Anode will be warmer than Voronoi AR, but it isn't a pant I'd recommend buying sight unseen. It has a very particular fit. I personally love my Voronoi ARs but they are prone to fading, have little stretch, and that causes some premature rips for a lot of customers. They might block wind to an extent but are by no means inherently warming. That said, I'd also suggest the new FW17 Anode comp because I find the new wool softshell to provide more visual interest and I think it's better performing overall (although I'm not 100% on what performance changes the new blend has).
  8. Hard to say just yet, but I would recommend handling both like junkie said if you can. Slinging/drawing the old Nomin and accessing it horizontally is easier, but that could be just because I have a couple years of muscle memory with its layout. For packing a lot of stuff and carrying a laptop, the new Nomin wins hands down. Aesthetically, I prefer the new Nomin. The old Nomin is good but mainly for people who like side entry when drawing the bag under their arm, the briefcase handle thing, and the old silhouette. The newer one is indeed less 'gimmicky,' as imo the floppy internal organizer, asymmetric compartments, overuse of slide snaps/bungee/velcro were what I took issue with in the old Nomin. Those are p much gone now.
  9. youre a runner, right szg? if you have pronounced calves the anode is even more articulated past the knee than the voronoi. its constrcting on me where the voronoi is p loose and i have slender climber calves lol. anode nyco is like apparat nyco i think
  10. daaamn ok so i handled the nomin revised and i was mistaken on some of my impressions from the earlier samples, mainly in the laptop compartment part: 1. the documents flap is not magnetic. it just somehow falls closed, super flush, every time lol. it looked like magnetic action but i guess it isn't. 2. there is no laptop tablet sleeve pocket on the document flap divider. idk if it was removed or if i was buggin the first time i handled the sample many months ago 3. it isn't removable, not that i can tell. however, it isn't really bad like the OG nomin. the OG nomin it took up way too much space and i just didnt like it. so even though i cant rip it out of v2, at least i dont feel the need to. EDIT: just realized im wrong AGAIN. it IS magnetic according to the product page, and idk why i wrote laptop sleeve pocket in bullet 2, i meant tablet sleeve pocket. i think youre supposed to just put a tablet in the documents flap. ive tried a small notebook and a kindle and since those are small, the corner of the doc flap still closes shut EDIT2: OK, I figured out the part that's magnetic. It's the actual laptop divider, not the document flap. So the rigid part that you slide your laptop into snaps to the outer cushioning thing
  11. i will look into this for you/myself when trying to track down some field pants, but i dont think its the same as a 28. i was relieved to see in ss18 on many of the pants there are snap buttons a la the current haedn shirt on the waist that can adjust 1" on either side, bringing a 29 to a 27 if cinched symmetrically. so you'll see that on pants without belt loops like the cknit pant (sequent lt) and merino sweats (dyadic comp pant).
  12. All pants from FW17 onwards are made in China, even Field Pants. Rest of production for FW17 remains in Canada. Come SS18 outerwear with certain textiles (terratex, I believe) will be made in China as well. Field Jacket as a shell is being reworked to make more sense for each season instead of having a tough, middle of the road type of shell. Field LT will have a smoother N40p outer in SS18 (changed from previous Field Jacket shells with that textured outer). Field IS will be the same iirc re: nomin -- some details you can't really see from the site are that the sliders on the straps are concealed, and the rear compartment where the laptop goes into is also refined. There's a magnetic flap, tablet sleeve, and top dump pouch pocket that can be inverted to create additional main compartment space and still be waterproof-ish. The laptop organizer is still secured by velcro but it's a lot cleaner imo than the old nomin with bungee and snap slider. It makes the sections feel more structured and usable: front compartment is high volume with one pocket for most of your stuff, back pocket is tighter with more internal organization for things you dont want loose (laptop, docs, tablet, cables, etc). when i think about it, i rarely used the bag in briefcase mode other than just walking in the train station with it that way.. side access to the new nomin shoulds till be good if you have one strap slung and draw under that arm. i do like the new geometry though since i'm a smaller guy. we'll see. the price is still really steep tho
  13. yoink
  14. scann supposed to be the same cotton/nylon as the front of the component, but i dont think it has the hidden chest pocket and merino jersey back paneling. but tbh i havent seen any samples of the scann LS anywhere… wouldnt be surprised if it got scrapped like the LS buttondown that was supposed to make it to ss17
  15. maybe u got the ripstop one. fw2017 redesign will have the coated ac2 fabric so it still might 'look dirty' but thats just how it patinas. the first section of the bag got reworked to open fully now, so it's a lot more usable for most people hmm after seeing ss18 im way more hype for that than for fw17 but that doesnt mean fw17 is bad (new nomin pack, haedn series, and field pant hype). the operand sample i saw a while ago looked so shiny, so im curious to see what the final finish looks like. also idk if voronoi AR is coming with stretch, i believe its the same 25/75 nyco. ss18 voronoi becomes an updated nyco, and even then i dont recall if it has elastane content.