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  1. arcteryx veilance

    Try stuff with higher cotton content, like the Voronoi AR (past season), current Voronoi (not LT shorts), Anode/Anode Comp, and Align.
  2. arcteryx veilance

    woohoo! tbh it was a fix i sort of stumbled upon myself after noticing a button feeling looser. I'm thinking it just happens with wear/use over time.
  3. arcteryx veilance

    Take a small precision flathead screwdriver to the button in question on the female side and gently pry the little prong piece upwards. It should snap more securely after that.
  4. WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    You know I had to do it to em: AV Haedn OS / AV Frame Douro / Outlier EXP048 / 11byBBS Speedcross 4
  5. arcteryx veilance

    Ah yeah, that's probably the first arris from 2016 which was Dark Navy. not sure how 2017's Mid Navy's interior looked. good catch tho. lemme download this new trivial knowledge to my brain lol i mean, you probably could, I think the inseams are about the same. It's just extremely overkill to wear like $1000+ worth of pants haha. The Dyadic Comps should be able to hand some rain regardless, and if it were really pouring you'd be sure to wear the Sequent. I find it hard to come up with a situation where you'd need both or where uniqlo heattech under the sequent wouldn't suffice. But then again, we're talking designer goretex pants and $500 sweatpants re: patrol color, that SMU is prob the same situation as the monitor down with the heathered poly "wool" face fabric. it's a special colorway that's exclusive to some account (in the monitor down it was exclusive to the flagship popup, then for that frenzy app thing during the trade show, now it's widely available), then probably over time becomes.. not as exclusive anyway, ive been traveling and love the Roam collection or whatever. dyadic comp hoody and pants is warm enough for the plane, cozy, lots of storage, not too hot, terratex hood stops even moderate rain, etc. my only thing is it's not the most packable and the terratex makes it feel a little heavier. it does, however, make it feel psychologically durable enough to wear on its own. outlier's doublefine merino hoodie is much more cozy though, but it does feel too delicate. heres a fit pic. at first, i was disappointed with the comp hoody cuz i really wanted to layer it underneath a lot of stuff. ive been using it under my achrom and quoin jacket but the terratex makes it a little heavy as a midlayer (just feels.. not right). and the length sticks out under shorter jackets like the mionn IS and achrom IS, so it looks silly. but on its own in like 50F+ it's really cool. probably starting to become my favorite piece from this drop, like field OS was for me last year.
  6. Urban Techwear

    lol dammit i got back and forgot to take pics -_-. the gear doesnt look really techy honestly, pretty minimal. i'd say the most visually interesting part of the buttonup (called the Sullivan shirt, apparently) is the bonded chest pocket. I mainly like the shirt for its lack of visual detail if that makes sense (hidden placket, bonded edges etc). And yeah I might be interested in the polytope but IIRC you said the color is more blue than it is white? I get what you mean about the exposed flatlock seams, they did make for some interesting tonal patterning/lines on the merino tees. My issue with the veilance knit stuff is when you layer a bunch of it you can feel it on your traps/shoulderblades. As for the price, the mesh tank was freakin $88 lol. And the shirt was $140. Have you checked out both instagrams?
  7. Urban Techwear

    lol, funny you should ask, I went today and I think I'm gonna end up buying some stuff. They have a cool dress shirt that's cotton/nylon/elastane (no dwr unfortunately), with a hidden placket, bemis bonded chest pocket and hem. if it had prym snaps, a little more substantial feel, and DWR it'd be a polytope killer. $140 and comes in XS. theres merino tees in pretty cool colors with actual flatlock seams (veilance doesnt even do this). will go back tomorrow and try to get pics/prices. they also have a cropped womens nylon/elastane mesh tank top.. that im gonna get.. lol lab stuff is definitely a step up from mainline lululemon. ive heard good things about their pants. i think the designs for NYC are going to be different than the designs in YVR though, and they change pretty often it seems.
  8. arcteryx veilance

    yeah, looks sus. grey tag is weird, material looks weird, hangtag looks wrong, cord to attach hang tag looks wrong. i might be wrong but i think the color is dark navy not just navy also, here is an interview w/ taka. so far the rumors we know r conroys back for ss19 onwards, the'yre working on shoes (boots to start, not leather), and expanding the bag lineup, so probably different nomin sizes/styles http://gearpatrol.com/2018/02/22/arc-teryx-veilance-taka-kasuga-interview/
  9. Bags, backpacks, duffles, messenger, slings, etc.

    lmao replied to something from like 10 pages ago, new sufu is buggy sorry
  10. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    how would you rate the weatherproofness of the bamba 2s? is it the same sort of mesh paneling throughout, or a more sealed construction this time? also those white lows look really cool, kinda regret copping the speedcross 4s lol
  11. arcteryx veilance

    cuff elastic is contrasting instead of tonal, giant sloppy stitches on the inside of the cuff instead of the usual veilance microseam work, inside doesn't look like proper goretex cknit (it's more white instead of the smooth silvery look), seam taping looks bad/i dont see the cool circular reinforcements where seamtape meets, interior stretch pocket is black with blue zipper instead of tonal/white, i dont think the hood of the ebay one has the black suede-esque material where it sits on the neck, the font on the hangtags are bad, the hangtag itself is attached with plastic instead of the stiff black cord thing, there's an extra white tag on the hangtags, the correct color is "Mid Navy" not "Blue" as shown on the tag, etc.
  12. arcteryx veilance

    oh haha yeah the actual garment in the listing is totally fake, i meant the stock photo it's referencing. but yea i only saw the workbook in passing so i'm probably wrong. i just remember the new graph design does look more 'mainline' if that makes any sense since it gets rid of the current stand collar on the graph
  13. arcteryx veilance

    looks like fw18 graph cardi
  14. WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    AV: blazer lt / mionn IS / nomin v2 / frame comp / anode bamba 2
  15. arcteryx veilance

    kinda making me want a field LT or partition LT but i really dont need any more shells lol tbh, sequent pants are kinda whatever. maybe if you can get a good fit it's worth it? zippered flapped hand pockets arent the most comfortable either, but I get that they're the most waterproof construction can you compare the fit of convex LT to voronoi in terratex? just tried the dyadic comp hoody actually. the black one has like.. a beige merino interior. I don't know if it's the shoulder articulation that makes bringing up the arms weird, but when I bend my elbows and raise them to shoulder height (think like a front squat with a barbell), its tight/pulls on the tips of my elbows. really weird. the body doesn't feel wide compared to the graph to me, maybe the cardigan, but not the sweater. i also dont feel the dyadic series is that light. for some reason they feel pretty heavy actually. i dont find it hangs bulky or boxy though. i was most hype for this but it's kinda just whatever. it is very very similar to my slocan hoody from mainline but heavier lol