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  1. thanks @szg so ya its prob the same cuz rear hem looks longer in the back. the boxier fit is prob a combination of the model's body type + the stiffness of the wool
  2. is that vid still around? i cant say i remember the vid at all, going off mainly what i remember from the trade show. that said the wool softshell might make the haedn fit even more structured than the field OS does, so that could change how it looks too.
  3. i think the cut is the same since it's also an overshirt. features same topload pockets and notched drop hem. wasnt able to compare since i didnt see any samples in my size but im p confident damn, im excited for this season lol
  4. rly torn between that in peat or black.. these r windstopper like the indisce btw
  5. 26L. it's even a little big on me, i'm 5'6" inside looks new. im moving rn (hence the sad barren echoing room in the video) so not tryna unpack it haha
  6. The fabric (coated AC^2) is super durable, but it will break in, scratch, conform over time. Here's mine with about a year of daily use. Traveling, commuting, as a gym/climbing bag, etc, through all kinds of weather (snow, rain, sun..). EDIT: wait a lil bit for youtube to process it, you should be able to watch it in 4K for more detail
  7. super fake, just wrinkly cotton. legit indisce have gore windstopper and taped seams
  8. dry, gloomy day today, so playing with a grey gradient in non-goretex fabrics. about 60F isogon (ny/co) nemis ash (terratex) frame ss mineral (merino) voronoi (terratex) nike af1 mid (flyknit) nomin pack (ac^2)
  9. super overdue but heres a quick overview of the onu membrane pullover
  10. i'm 5'6" and i wear XS (iono bout trying to size up to medium lol) if you go true, it will still be long. but, in practice, when you get dunked on suddenly the longer length and sleeves is appreciated it to keep you protected and it's just easier to take on/off when you dont have elasticized/shaped cuffs. for spring/summer rain it works well as intended.
  11. for that reason i took the stuff sack out of mine (and use it to carry my nintendo switch lol). i also like wearing it as a midlayer 'hoodie' type thing to block wind fully and give myself some lightweight rain protection. for example, i'd layer it under a field overshirt or the indisce 3/4 coat. i think it works if you're really into anoraks, if your'e taller and can pull off the longer body on it better, if you don't like your clothes too slim, etc. for my body type and rest of my wardrobe, the arris is more flattering since it's way trim and cropped higher at the hem. that said, i have a buddy who's even shorter and thinner than me and he loves his. probably cuz it's really comfy once you get it on.
  12. first tactical is from the original founder and industrial designer of 5.11 tactical. it's legit
  13. couple from this week. like 60-70F in nyc now nomin / field OS / frame / terratex voronoi / lab af1 indisce 3/4 / graph cardi / frame t / black ii apparat / lab af1 / nomin
  14. Yea it's a Beta SL in a special make up for Livestock I think. Quality is what you'd expect from Arc'teryx but the dealbreaker for me is it uses Paclite for its Gore-Tex membrane. It's like a two-and-a-half layer Gore, so instead of face-membrane-backer you get face-membrane and then some weird coating that just doesn't feel good or last very long. If you're just looking for something to wear for a streetwear fit to stop wind and some light rain ok.. But any like outdoors use you'll prob be disappointed with the lack of breathability and next to skin feel
  15. in order of linkage it should be like.. indisce black / indisce soot / voronoi AR (not hemmed yet), apparat probably, then illustrated example heavy utility pants