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  1. Rengaya. Always Rengaya.
  2. Supposedly she works at Melbourne's Sneakerboy.
  3. oh hai
  4. What type of accommodation are you looking for? Party house that holds a dozen, or something intimate and romantic?
  5. I hear its bad in Sydney, but it doesn't seem so bad to me. More so difficult to filter out the leeches.
  6. I dunno either, perhaps because he has odd flavours. Ultimately I'd say it's because the media hyped Zumbo up. I'm not a fan of his cakes either.
  7. Complaining about missing out getting Ana Ivanovic's photo and autograph at the Sydney International tennis tournament.
  8. My laptop HDD is dying, I have a replacement but am too lazy to back up my data and replace the drive.
  9. Went to Aria last Sunday night, great pork belly, lamb, and banana souffle.
  10. It's a great looking store, with some priced gear that seems to be fair relative to Australian prices. Usually has a bunch of guys, dressed better than Glamaz Men.
  11. I see I see