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  1. who's bout to cop themselves some techwear chokers to strangle themselves after this drop?
  2. unless you're morbidly obese, it should be fine i'm 5'10 and 145lbs and i still wear an s in the j56-gt, but an m in the j1a-gt (also considering selling my j56!)
  3. wtb any of these jackets in M (has to come with acrnm bag, specsheet, both logo tapes, jacketsling, and tags) as i'm bulking and sold off most of my size S jackets but still need goretex to fill a void in my life: j1a-gt j43a-gt j47a-gt j36-gt j56-gt gt-j28 (not looking too hard for one of these) alternatively i could go for a j1a-s with the pleather sleeve in S but honestly i don't think anybody would part with theirs
  4. -sold-
  5. wtb white daf1 size 9 sold mine now kinda want another pair back ty
  6. friend wants to buy P10-S, P10TS-S or P10A-S, all size S, let's see what you guys have
  7. wtb Lunar Force 1 in black or crimson, size 7.5 US DS only also wtb Downtowns in white sz 9 US shipped to canada
  8. really need some new pants still looking for p17, p23ts, p24a, or p25 (all in size S) :'(
  9. so is the R just a Raccagni zipper on top of the J47?
  10. wtb any non p10 pants in size S, looking for mainly p17, p23, and p24a any color
  11. Hey guys, just wondering - what material do you guys use for piping? I've been looking at my 3A-1 and noticed that the piping frays after awhile, is there anything that you guys use that won't fray as much but has relatively the same texture?
  12. Does anybody know where I can buy 1" slotted loops like this? I'm located in North America (Canada to be exact). I saw that DownRangeGear had them but they didn't respond to my e-mail so I'm not even sure whether they're still open for business.
  13. Got a brand new pair of DAF1 in white, size 9. Comes with receipt from Really just looking to get my money back (after shipping and duties it was around $500cad) Located in Canada, so would prefer to ship to Canadian addresses. Hit me up with offers!
  14. wtb P24A-S any color size S
  15. While everybody is going ballistic for the DAF1s, I still need a pair of the LF1s in Crimson/White (size US9). Hit my inbox if you have a pair and are willing to part with them!