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  1. HeckHouse


    Barrage of J29 pics incoming, since I think it’s been overall poorly represented by styling shots online. I really love Acronym blazers and think they are a more versatile cut than most jackets in techwear. The look changes pretty radically depending on how it’s layered, how the collar is positioned, and if it’s opened or closed. I attached a bunch of slight variations on ways I’ve tried it out to illustrate that point. And yes, the J65-AK is fantastic and I love it because I love vests.
  2. HeckHouse


    I’m 5’9” (typically 30” length on jeans, etc) and these are the P30A-DS in Small. If you need outseam measurements, they are 30” to the first cuff and 37 to the second. Also, another J65 fit!
  3. HeckHouse


    It’s daily business for most places. Try to find one that’s used to doing designer frames, and it helps to check some reviews and look for places where folks share stories of taking in their frames to have prescriptions put in. I’ve found most shops are excited to see/work with frames from designers they don’t see often.
  4. HeckHouse

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    They snap into the inside flap by the zipper, which would make more sense if it wasn’t a double zipper.
  5. HeckHouse

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    I grabbed some of the new pieces from Haven: the pants (boring, I know) and the nylon tela jacket. I got several colors of the mandarin collar pullover from earlier this year, which I love, but it’s very long, which means it doesn’t work with all of my jackets. This one is a good complementary length and I’m a sucker for a double zipper.
  6. HeckHouse


    Damn, loving the P31 fits, and extremely jealous that I missed the drop.
  7. HeckHouse


    5’9”, 125lbs, size Small. The pants are absolutely not snug, if you’re referring to the jacket, it’s similar to the J69.
  8. HeckHouse


    Another fit pic with the P32-S and the J67, in case folks were curious about either.
  9. HeckHouse


    No, the collar obviously isn’t going to fold down when it’s stuffed with the hood. It will lie down a bit with the hood out, but not as crisply as the J69.
  10. HeckHouse


    J67 arrived! Fit doesn’t seem to match the measurements on the site—it’s right in line with the J69. Fits like a lightweight, weatherproof hoodie. I’m a big fan of the material. Apologies that the hair is obscuring the hood.
  11. HeckHouse


    Grabbed the 67. The measurements actually look like they are sized up from the 69, which worries me, because the 69 fits me perfectly. We’ll see! Material looks awesome, love the hood design, and I think it’ll also look great layered under my J65-KM.
  12. HeckHouse

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Coat: Stone Island Ghost Fishtail (absolutely in love with it!!!) Shirt: RRL Nylon fishing shirt Pants: Acronym P10-S Shoes: Converse Utility Jump Boot
  13. HeckHouse


    Sorry, S as in Stotz. I’m 5’9” and always go for Small in Acronym pants.
  14. HeckHouse


    Given the way they are cut, I’m glad I went with the S, because it seems like it compliments the structure of the pant better, given the way the pockets are built and the relatively modest taper. Super comfortable and easy to move in, as @Kamikaze said.
  15. HeckHouse


    Yep! I got it in every color. Will note that the stone color is a fair bit darker in person than the pics I’ve seen of it online (below is the white).