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  1. HeckHouse


    5’9”, 125lbs, size Small. The pants are absolutely not snug, if you’re referring to the jacket, it’s similar to the J69.
  2. HeckHouse


    Another fit pic with the P32-S and the J67, in case folks were curious about either.
  3. HeckHouse


    No, the collar obviously isn’t going to fold down when it’s stuffed with the hood. It will lie down a bit with the hood out, but not as crisply as the J69.
  4. HeckHouse


    J67 arrived! Fit doesn’t seem to match the measurements on the site—it’s right in line with the J69. Fits like a lightweight, weatherproof hoodie. I’m a big fan of the material. Apologies that the hair is obscuring the hood.
  5. HeckHouse


    Grabbed the 67. The measurements actually look like they are sized up from the 69, which worries me, because the 69 fits me perfectly. We’ll see! Material looks awesome, love the hood design, and I think it’ll also look great layered under my J65-KM.
  6. HeckHouse

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Coat: Stone Island Ghost Fishtail (absolutely in love with it!!!) Shirt: RRL Nylon fishing shirt Pants: Acronym P10-S Shoes: Converse Utility Jump Boot
  7. HeckHouse


    Sorry, S as in Stotz. I’m 5’9” and always go for Small in Acronym pants.
  8. HeckHouse


    Given the way they are cut, I’m glad I went with the S, because it seems like it compliments the structure of the pant better, given the way the pockets are built and the relatively modest taper. Super comfortable and easy to move in, as @Kamikaze said.
  9. HeckHouse


    Yep! I got it in every color. Will note that the stone color is a fair bit darker in person than the pics I’ve seen of it online (below is the white).
  10. HeckHouse


    Not sure if the P-32s have been discussed much here, but in case they haven’t... They are cut long (I’ve been rolling them at the cuff to help with the length and give a bit more taper), and are looser than I expected. Looser than the P-23A, you certainly don’t have to worry about sizing for calves with these. I like how they sit on the hip, pocket placements are easy to access and don’t feel like they dip too low. A little unsure about the relative lack of taper down the leg, but I’m going to keep them and see how I feel after a few times out.
  11. HeckHouse


    You’re probably fine with same size. There’s a zip along the back of the neck which works with my Alpine (but my Alpine is a size smaller, so it’s not a great pairing). I’m unfortunately not the best person to ask, because Acronym’s shells are usually too large for me, so the XS alpine is all I have to go by. Thanks @lxkhor! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever had in my wardrobe and I’ve enjoyed finding new things to mix and match with it.
  12. HeckHouse


    Several months in the wool has slightly pilled, nothing unexpected with boiled wool and given the texture it feels natural—it’s not distracting like you might find on some sweaters when the process happens. It feels like it’s “breaking in” a bit and isn’t so rigid. But I am babying it, so take this with that in mind. Might be able to see the texture better in the back shot.
  13. HeckHouse


    No pouch, no, but usually I fold it in and it'll catch against my neck and stay put. You can see both sides "out" in this shot. I've never tried a hoodie but I frequently wear a light crewneck over a tshirt under it and there's still plenty of range of motion.
  14. HeckHouse


    Yes, it's the J69. I really love the jacket, and since it is windy more often than it rains here, it's well-suited for my climate. The frayed edges haven't changed noticeably. At the wrists and neck it's a bit "fuzzy" but I doubt it's going to look ragged anytime soon, if ever. I'm small and it's difficult to find jackets that fit me well, and this one fits perfectly. The small irk I've had with it is that the collar has "forgotten" its shape on one side and doesn't have that seam that it did out of the box that keeps the collar tidy when it's up. So sometimes when it's up the pointed part of the pattern will stick out and forward. I don't think it looks all that strange and I'm sure most people don't notice it, but if I'm in the wrong mood I'll be agitated that I have to fold the point inside the collar, else it'll be jutting out a bit.
  15. HeckHouse


    Grabbed a J65-KM and I love it. It's a bit boxy and not necessarily an easy wear, but the hardware details are great, it's really fun to layer with, and it's super warm. The Small barely works for me and there are definitely angles where it looks too big on me, but if anyone here was curious about sizing or anything, let me know if I can help.