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  1. HeckHouse

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    5"9". It's pretty slim but has a lot of insulation. The fit in the arms/shoulders is great, there's not lifting or shifting as you raise your arms.
  2. HeckHouse

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I like the jacket overall, but with my build I just don't think the elastic hem works. I've got too slim a waist and too big a backside. It looks great on folks who are more straight up and down.
  3. HeckHouse

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: J83-WS Small —$1600 ( under retail) SOLD WTT: CP2-SS Small for your J73-WS or J59-CH Small. Trade accomplished!
  4. HeckHouse


    Don't have any side or back pics, but I can give impressions. They are very comfortable, tons of room. I was worried the inseam would be too short and they'd hike up with movement, but because of the pleating they stay at the same length as you move around. The E fabric is loud, as expected. They sit low on the hip, I'm wearing them lower than I would most any other acronym pant. The backwards belt system his interesting. I like the quick release, but as I need to take them down more often than most of you will, that's a bit more cumbersome. I really like the drape on them and I hope they make this cut in more fabrics. I don't think the product shots did them justice. And for @Kamikaze these are S and I'm 5'9"
  5. HeckHouse


    P36-e, for anyone curious!
  6. HeckHouse


    I wish I would have gotten a 33 while it was still in stock. The 82-ws made me fall in love with that general cut, and I really like E as a fabric. Hope I can snag one someday.
  7. HeckHouse

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: P24A-S in RAF, Small Happy to buy a beater pair, I think these look best with wear on them.
  8. HeckHouse


    All Acronym is cosplay.
  9. HeckHouse


    With RAF
  10. HeckHouse


    J1A-GTKP update: The blue is gorgeous and I love the black shoulder. It pairs really well with green/raf as well. It feels like an outdoor brand design IMO, which is a contrast I enjoy when combined with all the meta text and graphics scattered around the jacket.
  11. HeckHouse

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Shoutout to @meccaNIZM for the J28-E Kapital Flight vest, J28-E, P23A-S, Converse Utility Jump Boot
  12. HeckHouse


    Got the J82-WS in yesterday and snapped a few pics (it was appropriately windy!) It's extremely lightweight, as expected. I'm happy with how it drapes when open, which can be a bit dicey on asymmetrical pieces, and the hood is very Assassin's Creed-esque. Love how angular it is, I think it suits the design really nicely. The curved detail lines on the collar are a really nice touch. I didn't get photos of the back because of the wind, but I LOVE the vent design. Feels unique for the brand and it's nice to see them trying it. Despite the slimmer cut and the long length, I haven't felt restricted in my lower half if I don't fasten the button that's below the bottom of the zip. With it fastened, it's still easy to walk and move about, but for squatting, etc I have been undoing it and I don't feel like I'm fighting the coat at all. It's a lovely cut and I hope they remake it in other materials eventually.
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