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  1. HeckHouse


    I wish I would have gotten a 33 while it was still in stock. The 82-ws made me fall in love with that general cut, and I really like E as a fabric. Hope I can snag one someday.
  2. HeckHouse

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: P24A-S in RAF, Small Happy to buy a beater pair, I think these look best with wear on them.
  3. HeckHouse


    All Acronym is cosplay.
  4. HeckHouse


    With RAF
  5. HeckHouse


    J1A-GTKP update: The blue is gorgeous and I love the black shoulder. It pairs really well with green/raf as well. It feels like an outdoor brand design IMO, which is a contrast I enjoy when combined with all the meta text and graphics scattered around the jacket.
  6. HeckHouse

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Shoutout to @meccaNIZM for the J28-E Kapital Flight vest, J28-E, P23A-S, Converse Utility Jump Boot
  7. HeckHouse


    Got the J82-WS in yesterday and snapped a few pics (it was appropriately windy!) It's extremely lightweight, as expected. I'm happy with how it drapes when open, which can be a bit dicey on asymmetrical pieces, and the hood is very Assassin's Creed-esque. Love how angular it is, I think it suits the design really nicely. The curved detail lines on the collar are a really nice touch. I didn't get photos of the back because of the wind, but I LOVE the vent design. Feels unique for the brand and it's nice to see them trying it. Despite the slimmer cut and the long length, I haven't felt restricted in my lower half if I don't fasten the button that's below the bottom of the zip. With it fastened, it's still easy to walk and move about, but for squatting, etc I have been undoing it and I don't feel like I'm fighting the coat at all. It's a lovely cut and I hope they remake it in other materials eventually.
  8. HeckHouse

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J47TS, Small Acquired! WTS P33-DS, Small. Tried on once. $1050 SOLD
  9. HeckHouse

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J61-GTV, Small
  10. HeckHouse


    No, it fits large. I can only fit an S of the slimmest Acronym jackets (29, 67, 69) and the 65-KM is much bigger. I am wearing it over the same size J67 in that photo.
  11. HeckHouse


    Another J65-KM fit, just because I love it and so folks can see what it looks like after a year of gentle wear.
  12. HeckHouse


    Barrage of J29 pics incoming, since I think it’s been overall poorly represented by styling shots online. I really love Acronym blazers and think they are a more versatile cut than most jackets in techwear. The look changes pretty radically depending on how it’s layered, how the collar is positioned, and if it’s opened or closed. I attached a bunch of slight variations on ways I’ve tried it out to illustrate that point. And yes, the J65-AK is fantastic and I love it because I love vests.
  13. HeckHouse


    I’m 5’9” (typically 30” length on jeans, etc) and these are the P30A-DS in Small. If you need outseam measurements, they are 30” to the first cuff and 37 to the second. Also, another J65 fit!
  14. HeckHouse


    It’s daily business for most places. Try to find one that’s used to doing designer frames, and it helps to check some reviews and look for places where folks share stories of taking in their frames to have prescriptions put in. I’ve found most shops are excited to see/work with frames from designers they don’t see often.
  15. HeckHouse

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    They snap into the inside flap by the zipper, which would make more sense if it wasn’t a double zipper.
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