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real americans.

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mellissamidwest I think

or mellissa lincoln...

or something like that . I heard on local talk radio that she's been kicked out of pretty much every bar in Lincoln and Omaha for flashin her tits.

I dunno though. No CWG's out here though mostly just corn fed girls that could kick 93% of this forums ass without breaking a sweat.

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I'm watching them now too, that's some messed up people. The cheesy potato woman consumes 8000 calories a day? What a hog!

this shit drives me insane. Like, fucking angry. I just don't get it, all you eat are cheesy potatoes? You can't fathom the idea of eating anything else? She's this disgusting, sweaty, obese...ugh, I don't even know what to say. I've never understood the idea of even being a picky eater, I've always just ate what I either made or what was served to me without question, but this is on a whole 'nother level. I can't fathom how she's even married and how that guy puts up with it.

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why the fuck can't these people just control themselves. I mean, I have some food loves...and maybe I eat unhealthy amounts of certain things, but to base your total existence around ice cream bars, or cheesy potatoes, or corn starch is fucking crazy to me. On that same note, I've eaten a few things often enough that I lose interest completely, and they are foods/drinks that I loved...how is this not happening with these people?

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that crazy fat lady does have a point, cheesy potatoes are fucking awesome

+ 1

I agree that it's gross that people have weird food addictions, but ANY addiction is gross.

DEBT is pretty gross and also insanely American too, keeping this thread on track.

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