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real americans.

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is walmart a department store just like kmart (which we have in australia), or is it something completely different?

We have both in the US. Walmart and K-Mart are very similar. I'd say the only difference is that Walmart is slightly trashier.

At Walmart you don't need to be fat. But if you're not fat, then you need to be either trashy or crazy. Walmart shoppers need to have a particular minimum ratio of fat/trashy/crazy. So if you're low on crazy you need to be higher on fat or trashy.

An example of a non-fat Walmart shopper. You can see there's crazy abound.


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I think the Australian Kmart is a bit different to the US one. Our ones seem like they're way less expansive, and they have chocolate bars and stuff but no proper food.

Also our Kmarts are pretty shithouse but they're not quite trashy (not entirely sure that 'trashy' per se exists in Australia).

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