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ROY X CONE contest, 1.1.11 - 2.1.12

Paul T

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I'm pretty sure four washes: one super-hot machine wash in Uganda, one cold machine wash in India, one super-hot machine wash when I got home and one hot bathtub light-agitation wash at the end there. Might have been a second Ugandawash in there, though - can't quite remember. And thanks! I'm looking forward to getting them repaired (hopefully this weekend) so I can get 'em back on my legs.

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I had a bit of deja vu yesterday as I was scouting out locations to take a group snowshoeing this Saturday. I'm pretty sure that was one of the first things I posted about a year ago! The Roys look a little different this year...

It was a beautiful (but cold!) day up in the mountains




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Great Contest guys. Congratulations to all of you - the effort and dedication put in was great to watch over the year.

Gets my vote for 'Thread of the Year 2011' If there was such a thing.

Any more Roy contests planned (apart from the patch)? Be great to see this happen again.


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Didn't want to neglect my last 10 days in the R x C. Been stuck at home working on a pitch - then Monday, managed to send it off and light out the house for lunch.

Oh yes, I got an iPhone for Christmas..This is my workroom. IN the cabinet on the right afre 18C clay pipes the nipper and I found on the Thames foreshore - and the jawbone of a wild boar, which must date from pre 1620 or so, when they died out in Britain.


My mate and I walked through Greenwich park and into the maritime museum, previously a college for Navy cadets. They've changed it round recently and installed this magnificent model of the George V, aboud 25 feet long and made alongisde the actual battleship which, IIRC, sunk the Bismarck.


It was made in the Vickers ship yard - I think it was usually apprentices made the model. ALl the hardware, like this little Seaplane, for reconnaisance, is steel or brass.


After that, a walk to the top of the park, where we can see London laid out in front of us.


And back home. This mausoleum, at the back of the photo, is where Captain Hardy is buried. He was the friend to whom Nelson spoke his last words - reputedly, "kiss me, Hardy." I was happy to see a new bunch of beehives have appeared. THe little beasties are endangered so it's good ot have more around.


10 days to get the sandpaper and dremel out!


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I had to neg both of you guys. No way a german wins this contest...

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