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ROY X CONE contest, 1.1.11 - 2.1.12

Paul T

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damn, i was thinking voting was going to be easy but there are a few subtler pairs that have me scrolling back in forward

ive just put mine in for their final wash in my new washing machine, cant be bothered hand washing today... ive got till the 7th to keep sandpapering though

anyways... ive been busy as im on holiday

made some clothes for my nephew who is 9 weeks old, including this p.i.l hoody


made some signs for up on the tracks


tracing a big stencil to spray on the ground at the entrances to all tracks


one up in place


stupid horse people! build your own tracks ()'s


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tg- I do a lot of hiking on trails that are shared with mountain bikes, dirt bikes, and horses, and I'm always amazed by the trail destruction caused by horses above all other users.

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zissou - hope you have good luck finding your singer. this is another machine I found at the same resale shop about a year ago. It is from around 1960 and has much more features than the one I just found (which is from 1925, although the motor and table might be newer). (The 1925 machine doesn't even have reverse feed.) This one is made in Great Britain. I think it has been nicknamed the gray battleship. In both cases I have spent more money replacing the missing parts and buying accessories than I spent on the machine itself.



I have hemmed several pairs of jeans on this machine for my wife (she doesn't care about chain stitching) and it easy goes through seven layers of 12 oz denim.

One great thing about buying an old singer is that singer has all the owner's manuals available online (although finding the right one is often tricky).

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i was going to make that my bookface pic but all the happy clappy feel gooders would be on at me about self depreciation and stuff


took the stencil from that out while my ROYs dried, of course i wore my boxers in their place

sprayed signs at the start and end of several trails



making a mess on the storage container (original paintings by periodic detention workers)


after a week of rain... and a fresh hoof print on the corner of it


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final pics.... the executive fade

worn pretty much everyday, but i had to keep them neat n tidy to meet schools dress code

in hindsight i should have just worn them after work and thrashed them



you can see where the combs were forming before i altered them and where new ones have merged in


first time ive carried a phone in my pocket enough to cause wear... i never did go back and put the hip rivets back on


and the belt, tan lines and waist line shifts



bring it...


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I finally dropped my final submission pictures. Man are they sad. I think I somehow managed to come in last place, and that's behind some folks who hardly wore 'em. I don't know if it was the extra loose fit or what. They are looking quite rich and characterful in person, but they just aren't nearly as advanced as, well, pretty much everyones here. If someone two years ago had said that not only would I be contributing to an internet fashion forum let alone participating in a contest where an elite cadre of denim experts and industry insiders would critique and judge the crotch fades on my jeans that I laid down two bones for, and that I would care about the results. I would have maintained that they were completely insane. I suppose that if I wasn't going to win, I'm glad that I didn't destroy them to one step below primacy, as they still obviously have a good many years left to them. Heck, the opportunity to interact and participate in something with so many interesting people was worth the price of admission. After new years, I rotated back in the Lees, 201s and Left Fields. All kick ass, but not the old friend, second skin these ROYs have become. I sure would like some more chambray shorts if ROY would make more/I could afford them. I think they were quite underappreciated.

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Wow, Daniel! You really destroyed your pair! Very impressive.

Joseph Hill- I think your pair looks fantastic. If you think yours are less worn than others here, that just means they'll have a longer life :)

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Wow, Daniel! You really destroyed your pair! Very impressive.

Joseph Hill- I think your pair looks fantastic. If you think yours are less worn than others here, that just means they'll have a longer life :)

That's right. It's more of a process rather than the end result. Despite the fact that we all (obviously) entered a denim wearing contest, the real prize is actually owning a pair (... as well as the chance to share lifestyles)

Still hope to wear mine for many years to come.

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^ thirded. I'm damn glad you were in on this joseph! And I'm jealous that yours are in shape to continue being worn for years to come. I'm hoping after a visit to Self edge los angeles' repairs folks, mine will be right back in rotation.

Posted my final submission. i'm excited to see how the voting goes! i think it's gonna be a close one...

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I appreciate all the support. I'm not really down in the dumps, it's just a bunch of 'aw schucks' and kicking the dirt.

I liked Joseph Hill's fit the most actually - a real vintage looking pair.

It's a good thing I haven't posed in my replica 1930 Arsenal FA Cup jersey, you might have had a different opinion.

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