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ROY X CONE contest, 1.1.11 - 2.1.12

Paul T

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last week..

we headed south, but just a little bit


went to a cute little river town to have a birthday lunch for my mum


in the weekend farmers market area (it was a weekday)


kids trying to catch the massive goldfish


and the shopping


got my secret santa parcel on the last day of 2011


wee tin fits in my coin pocket perfectly.... but you probably knew that

big fat mama next to my front door,,, im taking this as a sign of future prosperity


and spent the last hours of day light of 2011 riding my bike with my man

wore my new lurid jersey so im not the next one hit, and of course my ROY boxers


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Happy New Year everyone. I can't believe the year is over. I really enjoyed participating in this contest. Thanks to everyone involved in getting this together.

Thanks to my Secret Santa. Maybe this will start an every day carry obsession


Last weekend I went to the Battle for the Big Apple. The NY Jets vs The NY Giants. Unfortunately, my team lost and I was pretty depressed this last week until i scored a Cabourn Mallory jacket on sale.








I was very layered up. I struggled to keep my arms down


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^Nice grab on the Mallory, TS!

Is that a quiche? Looks good no matter what.

Yup, veggie quiche with an apple danish!

OK, the last day in Roys continued with a fierce game of 1-on-1 soccer that ended in a 8-8 tie...



...followed by a game of catch. Getting my spitball ready...


Since almost all of my friends are out of town for the holidays, NYE will be spent with just a few good friends eating dinner and playing board games. No crazy parties for me...

I got to thinking today how remarkable of a year it's been. Aside from wearing the Roys all year, I managed to sell my old ball-and-chain of a house and find the perfect little house for me and E, which means we have a lot more time to do fun things together and spend time with friends. Plus, the promotion at work was nice. There's not really anything else that could go better for next year... except maybe I'll find a cute woman who likes denim :D So, I will sign out for 2011 and wish you all a very Happy New Year! Have a great one, and I'll post up some final photos of the Roys after they get their New Year's wash tomorrow. Take care, everyone.

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Headed over to our church's youth camp for a special church service today


Met a lot of new people, this kid was pretty awesome. I drew him a picture of a truck, he looked at it very studiously and then threw it on the ground. A few moments later he mumbled something to the effect of 'you can't draw worth a shit' while pointing at HIS drawing of a truck. Seriously this was the best birthday gift ever I think my laughter may have disrupted the service a little


A bell choir played about 55 more minutes of bell music than I felt like hearing, but it was nice I suppose.


There was a nice potluck with several different soups and sandwiches.396088_10150448169836835_508016834_9075581_84363021_n.jpg

Here's the wife with some type of vegetarian gumbo or something. It was pretty tasty.


got home intending to take my final submission pics, but as I took this last fit it started raining.


Then Lauren made me a nice dinner, sort of a puffy taco/tostada hybrid. And of course Mundet, after Coke it's probably the best readily available soda around.

Hoping for better weather tommorow so I can snap some final submission pics with natural light.

It's been an amazing year, thanks so much for sharing it it me guys.

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This was January 2011:


Took some evo. pics of my Roy x Cone today in the 40 degree (Celsius) heat...bloody hot...

Almost 12 months of wear, but since I can't be in these at work, the effective wear is more like 6 to 8 months:










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my new years was pretty eventful. i came back from visiting family in the eastern half of pennsylvania right after christmas, then got sick as a dog right before i had to hop on a flight with my girlfriend to visit her brother in atlanta.

we spent 4 days in georgia, and drove to ellijay to spend new years eve in a beautiful cabin out in the blue ridge mountains right on the banks of the chatahoochee river.

stopped in this hokey looking store called sackett's. seemed like a cowboy kind of place, but tucked in the back was an old man named dave with his own separate hat stand. I got to talking with him and learned that he has been making hats for 62 years. He purchased all the wood molds that stetson used to make fedoras after they stopped making them sometime in the 60s or 70s.

I bought a hat from him which is made off the mold custom made for frank sinatra. He said frank was a persnickety fellow and he had to have a little ridge in the middle of the top and a peculiar bend at the front of the brim. It was based off the 1941 model fedora. He also had models from as far back as 1939.

Even more interesting, he used to race for lotus decades ago and he worked for the original company that imported british cars to the Us, which I foolishly can't remember the name of.

The man himself.


My girlfriend didn't get the roys in the photo, but I assure you they are there.

a strange castle home on the way, equipped with a moat swimming pool and gnome guards.




what a kind greeting.


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the cabin itself. all wood from floor to ceiling. and the scenery was beautiful.






we drank some homemade moonshine that someone's friend brought. good but powerful stuff.


the best cure in atlanta for a hangover seems to be a vortex burger. I recommend you skip the hokey bypass burgers and get the spanish fly. the ground chorizo and pepperjack had me feeling fine in two bites.

and i also got my secret santa present. very cool stuff, and there were also some delicious kiwi candies that were gone before i took the pic. i wish i had made my gift money go as far as others! thanks secret santa, or should i say secret mrs. claus.


I also have to get final pics taken, but since i just got a job it may take me a few days.

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Secret Santa finally arrived (and yes, I know who really sent it - so many thanks to a kind and rather dapper chap!)


But this was the best! I think it is supposed to be a card case, but as I dont have any cards (well, maybe one sad lookin debit card) I think it will be used for something more precious.


Oh yes, some pics taken today by the Missus, worn with my GW '38 Monarch M-422, cushman sweat and my trusty groundworks boots.

Not final pix, as I have still just under two weeks to go IIRC.








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Thanks to everyone for making this such a great contest to be a part of. These are my final pics. I've got some more stuff from travels to NYC with some friends, but i'll post those later.








one from the top of the rock...I had to screen capture it cause I didn't want to pay 30 bucks and they wouldnt let me get it in color.


secret santa...not so secret. thanks for the scraps and candle bits mike. very cool.


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It's great to see everyone's jeans showing up! They're all looking fantastic. It's fun to see all the different wear patterns.

I think I managed to take all the photos I want today, but now I just have to choose... The Roys actually spent NYE in the tub, as I decided it might not be polite to wear them to dinner considering how the smelled! A year in and they still stand up after a wash.


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I thought there was a floating idea to post final pics in a new thread, so the judges don't have to weed through all of the excess blabbering.

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I haven't had time to take pictures of the RxC yet because I have been playing with this, which I saw at a local resale shop just before New Year's and picked up yesterday.



It needs to be rewired and is missing a few easily replaced parts, but seems to work fine.

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Secret Santa!

Me, Roys, fantastic Big Foot book and 60's G Plan armchair:


Has everyone got there presents yet? I have a tracking code for the one I sent if there's any probs. Ref final pics of the Roys I didn't get mine 'till about the 12th or something..... about a week before Paul T. But I'm gonna give them a last wash tomorrow and then get some pics done.

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