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    37 601xxc These feel very wide after wearing the 661 for a bit. couple details wearing my belt from duke over the cinch compared to my most faded s601
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    S601XX's worn since June 2021, fresh out of the wash. Safe to say these are my favorite pair of all time. Creases are flat from the wash, after a wear or two they're a little more evident. I like how the smaller details (patch, tab, buttons and rivets) are fading. I'll start on the 601XXC's once I receive them!
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    Same pair with better lighting and background
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    momotaro shirt -- tezomeya t -- freewheelers pants -- viberg boots -- buzz rickson jacket
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    After Use Initial waist was tight and difficult to wear, but quickly it stretched back Waist 90cm (stretched back not completely , maybe later on, non wash width was 91cm) Knee 24.5 (0.5 increased after initial soak / wash state, as knee also a pressure point) Inseam 79 (though after wash it was 78, maybe stretched as legs are relatively wide, so pressure is put on inseam length) (so I should have either gone for 83m or 84cm in raw state to achieve 77cm) Jeans constructions is immaculate and impressive, greenish yellow thread, hardware proportions not too heavy neither feel weak, leather patch feels like silk, light denim weight to use all year round. Perfect example of couple dedication in their work and it is about how they taking care of limited raw denim community I compared OA01XX with my FC1108 (size 35), which I have been using for almost a year. 1 cm leg opening and 0.5cm knee is wider in OA, remaining points seem similar. In Non Wash state OA01XX was light greyish in color. After wash it appeared as Indigo towards greyish tone. During 1st wear, I noticed soft, as wider legs so it was extremely comfortable. Let's see how this new fabric evolves Lastly: sorry for posting low quality pictures , take from iphone
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    This week, my jeans have been on strike for a fair contract https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/14/us/university-of-california-strike-pay.html
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    Tilley / Ooe x2 / swag tee / Hollows / Freewheelers / Renav Goods
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    Hw Dog Vendor Phigvel 301 Wesco
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    Iron heart flannel merz b pullover hoodie and beanie sugar cane 1947 rick Owens sneakers
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    Vintage Harley Davidson hat Challenger Phigvel 302 Wesco
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    3 weeks since I posted anything here … shambles Here’s one for my pal @julian-wolf - he decided what I do is too easy, so wanted me to decorate a slimmer belt. We eventually settled on a half-Brooklyn type thing. 1 1/4” 9-11oz (about 4mm thickness) Wickett & Craig Harness in Buck brown with brass hardware and real Jasper gemstones
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    here are the deadstock blue 47 1001xx. i’ve had them since june. i personally am really digging the way the pocket bag is fading through on the right leg.
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    iron heart shirt -- trophy clothing jeans -- red wings
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    You might like the 1956 661xx if you don't have enough 60s style tapered pairs yet 56 661 51 601
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    Now from the Day one.... With Type II 1953. complete SC tuxedo....
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    Where did i get up to...? who knows Nether Edge today.. (en route to buy some tennis balls) the leafy burbs between the previously mentioned Abbeydale Road and previously mentioned Kenwood Sugar Mountain was brought up around here, remember him? i think he moved to HK Anyway, here goes.. heading to Montgomery Road An old Robin Reliant.. you could drive these 3 wheelers on a motorbike licence because they were considered a trike.. most working-class folks did in the 70s Zeds Wholefoods.. on the same row of shops is Bench and Cafe9 ..past some red brick There is a strong climbing community around Nether Edge.. a few of my friends live around here, they used to live in shared houses/bedsit land.. with no actual income or proof of.. they got self-cert mortgages in the early 90's and just rented rooms out to friends to cover their mortgage costs allowing them to live rent free so they could climb every day in the Peaks. It worked and they went on to buy 2 or 3 more houses (which other folk paid for) when Nether Edge was a bit more down at heel.. now they've almost retired, f'kin wankers! Sheffield Bridge Club est 1936 ..past lotte an urban beach coffee shop?? ..i know right! ..back through Kenwood ..and off home
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    FW WW2 tux (crispy jacket needs settling down) / Viberg
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    Looking as awkward as possible.
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    Obviously not today, but just wanted to share a couple of photos of the Freewheelers Jackson suit from our wedding. I think it turned out nicely! Paired with a @Duke Mantee belt and John Lofgren USN shoes as well as a FW Parker shirt. All that being said, I know I'm not the star of the show on this day.
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    M41057 being put to good use Trying out a problem leftover from the finals of a competition held last weekend at the local gym // taken this morning without my knowledge, but to my great pleasure (I'll get it eventually)
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    Jinji shirt/Motor tee/TCB20s/Brother Bridge Henry
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    vintage hat -- mister freedom jacket -- studio d'artisan shirt -- strike gold jeans -- saucony sneakers
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    It was a Freewheelers kind of day. 507RB & 51s alongside an old t-shirt and some vans. The whole type 2 jacket thing is new for me, but the more I wear it the more I like it. There’s a @Duke Mantee belt as well even if you can’t see it.

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