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    Brief few days where it was cool enough in the morning and night to need a jacket. sugar cane awa-shoai type I samurai Japanese cotton zero fabric tshirt Stevenson encinitas rick Owens boat sneaks
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    Mosquito Creek & Molar Pass, soaking wet but plenty happy Tilley / Bubo / Sassafras / Hoggs of Fife
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    WTS: J1W-GTPL Schwarzrot Medium Full pack. Like new. $1200 f&f in the US. Extra for invoice and international.
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    This randomly popped up on my Facebook feed. Einstein wore sweatshirts that grew rattier over the years, because wool sweaters made him itch. When his wife, Elsa, “urged him repeatedly to dress up for important company,” wrote one historian, “Einstein quipped that if the important visitors were coming to see him, they’d see him as he was; but if they were coming to see his clothes, Elsa would show them to his wardrobe.”
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    @Flash Superb mate I got a couple of things too … shop special long sleeve tee … stripe sleeve with felt patches from 8-9 years back (sorry it’s just iPhone pics and pishy lighting)
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    Great Lakes, Union Special, Hollows, TCB, White’s
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    WTB: NG5-AM WTS: J56-GT Medium No bag or spec sheet SOLD Worn but washed regularly and well taken care of
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    A few fit pics of the Encinitas. I’m a fan of the fit and the denim is still awesome.
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    Got a couple pairs of 47's a few weeks back Unwashed And washed Bit of hip flare but it will settle with wear and I quite like a bit of flare on fuller cuts
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    Feels good to be back in denim after a long hot summer ebbets field tcb denime
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    Be warned, dispatch from union has been disastrous during their sale period. a good handful of people I know have either had their orders take close to a month to ship, with no comms, or just outright cancelled without warning.
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    That's exactly right. It was Cone denim. I actually saw the Capital E being made when I visited Valencia st in 1992. I'm hugely annoyed with myself for not taking photos - and also for winding up the factory foreman by asking why this was a generic and not an accurate replica. And I was wearing the Lee Riders reissue. I could've found out useful stuff but didn't. the earlier Levi's Japan reissues used Kaihara. I'm hugely annoyed with myself because I recently found the email from the Levi's Japan employee with the details and I didn't file it somewhere safe. Urgh.
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    Tried to capture some of the patina on my @Duke Mantee belt. Really hard to get the lighting right to make it really show. Couldn’t be happier with it. Maybe besides losing weight and the possibility of having it shorted soon, haha.
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    For ease of comparison 66XX:
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    the mercury drops enough stepping back into denim... vintage j.c.higgins for sears n roebuck-big yank/anatomica-tender132-birks
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    Papa Nui, UES, Patagonia with DIY indigo dye job, Vans…
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    Denime - Merz - Denime - Vans
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    The WAYWT That Made Me Realize I’m Developing a Bald Spot Tezomeya / Hollows / Sakura’s
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    Hey y'all...been a while, hope everyone is good Freewheelers hat, sassafras T, Ande Whall denim, Nike. Trophy sling bag, stock and barrel briefcase bag
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    sloppy summer fits recently gildan, sda, asics
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    lvc 44 and fw 45 https://imgur.com/vWVxOZl
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    Good stuff @Neilltheone! Did you get much stretch out of your 633 14bb? I just picked up a pair and I'm curious as to what to expect. Quick fit pic of my 633 14bb. I was in between sizes and went with the larger size (size 33) for more comfort. Pretty happy with the fit.

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