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    New family member… Meet Pika:
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    Mosquito Creek & Molar Pass, soaking wet but plenty happy Tilley / Bubo / Sassafras / Hoggs of Fife
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    Got this really nice Shinki horsehide wallet from Greg at Field Leathers (he’s about 40 miles down the road from me). He makes some very very nice jackets and has made a few of these small leather goods from the off cuts
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    Papa Nui, UES, Patagonia with DIY indigo dye job, Vans…
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    I hope not, but it doesn't matter so much. Happy belated, also. Re selvedge cuffs, I just think - ah, you're happy paying $200 less for jeans. Must be nice. I've also seen enough trash selvedge and great projectile denim now that it barely correlates in my mind. Though I still do like it!
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    Yeah I used to think so but in recent years i don't care Another question: while we see the return of looser jeans in the fashion world, will the Bootcut make a comeback as well? Or did it already?
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    Thought this could be fun as I caught myself earlier… Confessions of a denim head: I make a face of disgust whenever I see jeans rolled up and it isn’t selvedge
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    my buddy made me this cool psychedelic cardholder. Wickett and Craig leather
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    Scotlands finest Duke Mant I mean Linn Kan's Late Mk1's, perfect condition in rare af, rosewood veneer
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    Acronym (US based additions) https://acdgallery.com/ https://antithesis-store.com/
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    My "super used"-wash Nudie Flare Glenns are on ice waiting for this..
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    I posted something similar to this years ago @aho but I think I said I felt pity or embarrassment for those proudly displaying a lack of selvedge!
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    Ha! Yes! I'm not afraid to admit it... on the flip side, I saw a girl at the markets the other day with dark denim jeans (check), hems cut off (hrrm..), one faux turn up (hhhhnggg-g-g)... but.. selvedge visible – ahhhh. Suddenly I'm interested.
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    WTS LF1 All White size 8.5 $295 J29-PX size L full pack $1500 J65-KM size M $550 J91-WS size M Grey full pack $850 Price not include fee and shipping. CONUS Only
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    A new to me diver. I am really appreciating the large, clear face. Here with Ooe and Mister Freedom.
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    Tilley / The Flat Head / Warehouse / White’s
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    INteresting that the natural indigo - which is often described as more green - is way redder. Natural indigo 1880s n the left, Kurabo 1890s in the right. The Kurabo are from 2005 I think. I like Kurabo's interpretation too. the micro contrast isn't there, and it doesn't really crock, but I like the area fades and the dark green tinge. However, they were way harder work; hand wash only and months between washes, the jeans on the right probably had 6 months more work than the jeans on the left. No leg twist on the Kurabo fabric, loads on the Cone. I think Kurabo 1880s/1890s has always been pretty much the same fabric, so the Kurabo 3-pleat will fade like the jeans on the right. When I went through my retained stash, I found the 1901, which are different again - less green, more contrast. And I look forward to getting out my Kurabo 201 in a few years. The slowest faders I've ever owned and definitely an LVC classic
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    Here’s what happened with the 1937s: took forever to get the larger size because Yodel lost the returned parcel (HOW are they still in business?) the shrunken 34 waist looks quite like the unshrunk 32 waist, though I am keeping them up with a belt. I only bathtub soaked these, so room for more shrinkage, I just didn't want to lose much indigo. This fit definitely is going to work. Unshrunk 32w: unshrunk 34w: shrunk 34w.
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    … and the sides arrived …
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