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    oh yes @Uncle Karl! a perfect perfecto what lovely boots as well! my attempt... sears-filson-tender-attractions
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    Dedicate to @bartlebyyphonics filson schott tcbww2contest
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    filson Runabout goods fw 1943 nicks boots
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    ^ well, now that you mention it... ... today a 70s/40s split... sears 'leather shop' x filson x tcb x attractions
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    Leather jacket season I guess Bootleggers Wavy, Freewheelers Brakeman and Locomotive Engineer, Bootleggers Steamroller c/w Tender and Rolling Dub Trio Vincent (custom)
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    Lee NN07 tee LVC Alden x Leather Soul
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    A bunch of examples of the 1947 exists but figured I’d drop in my photos. Still relatively dark but starting to show some lighter indigo colors. These have taken a backseat while i wear these warehouse 1001 but I’ll get back to them again. These seem like they’d be a better colder weather jean since the weave feels much tighter.
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    I washed a bunch of jeans and snapped some photos of the 47 black jeans. It looks a little lighter in photos but the grays are def coming out.
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    My Flat Head card case that I’ve been using for quite a few years now
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    My experience is specifically with cordura nylon. Other high-denier nylons may abrade it as well but it can't speak to that. Here's some reading material.
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    @Spiraltoy Button fades, train tracks, natty roping et al... superb!
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    From a military/mountaineering perspective Epic was always intended to be paired with a base layer in cold weather. It is almost entirely designed around being extremely fast to dry - they call it 'walk dry' in the mil, where after immersion or heavy rain the user needs to be able to continue doing whatever they were tasked to do and dry while doing it. edit for grammar mistake
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    Good on you @heyson. I hate selling jeans (so I rarely do...actually usually try to give them away if I know someone will appreciate it for what it is - it's also an incentive for restricted buying). They're meant to be worn - and worn, and thrashed even. Even if they're made by hand by one super skilled artisan. I understand the collector mentality and all but not really so much for denim. My rotation is pretty similar to yours currently (129s, 1003xx are two of my main 3).
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    Wear them @heyson !!!!!! You'll make them look awesome.
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    i wanted to photograph my jeans line up. ive been rotating these with roy r01, and wh dsb 1000 129 from raw
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    i imagine wearing this the rest of my life
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    I picked up TFH Single Riders jacket in a 42 from R&H back in the early summer. It was too hot to wear it when I got it, so it sat for a few months. I started wearing it when it got cool enough in the fall, and immediately realized the 42 was too small. With just a tee, it fits like a well tailored shirt. Buit with any type of over shirt it's too tight and restrictive. So i got the 44. To me, the 44 looks big on me, but it's very comfortable and easy to wear. I sent fit picks to Danny and his crew, he replied saying that he and everyone there said the 44 looks like a much better fit. I'm selling the 42 and have it listed in the for sale thread. It's a truly gorgeous jacket! It's just about everything I've wanted in a leather jacket. From the fit, styling, leather, and details.
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    I’ve had to wash these black 1947s (and everything else I wear) pretty often since my kid has gotten a habit of wiping his hands on me whenever he touches something gross (which is all the time) and have gotten some pretty nice grays coming out in a short amount of time. Really love how this black fabric ages.
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    Some helloween stuff around here, all kind off scarecrows made from denim
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    Just realised I’ve not posted on this thread for a bit … Bootleggers Wavy and Lot 213, Freewheelers Jesse and Lot 601xx 1951, Tender and White’s
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    Freewheelers Cassady, Brakeman, Trackwalker and S601XX c/w Tender and White’s

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