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    Grandma made cap, SO made scarf, carhartt wip, sda, RW Rhine
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    My pair at 125 days. One initial hot soak, and one scrubby bathtub wash at ~120 days. I like to wait longer for the first wash, but wash more frequently after that. Looked like I dismembered a smurf in there. They certainly don’t look this contrasty in person, guess it’s the lighting and the phone camera. I’ve got a small section that’s pretty slubby on the right thigh which I tried to capture- feels almost like a mini PBJ, but only in that one place.
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    Not much fading going on, think I'm on three or four washes now. Only noticeable if you compare it to the much darker jacket (only washed once). Needles / TCBs / Hoka One One
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    The result of a small back pocket and constantly carrying a dog toy in my back pocket. It’s quite easily mandible but I think with this pair I’ll only fix wear and tear that could make the jeans impractical.
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    Real Mccoys type 2, Burco, Iron Heart.
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    Haven’t post an update for a while but here they are fresh out of the washing machine. I guess I’ve washed them about six times. Not as much evo as many other pairs but I quite like how they look. I’m a slow fader and it’s still a long way to go in the competition The pocketbag with black wabash is totally destroyed but I don’t want to send them away for a new pocketbag so I’m just going to watch it fall apart haha.
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    I washed again yesterday! I haven't processed the photos at all, but I think the camera and the lighting combined have added to a tiny bit more contrast than IRL. The color is somewhere between the photos where I wear them and the close-ups. Still loving these a lot, the texture is close to perfection.
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    Got myself really lucky few weeks ago with the sample giveaways TCB were doing on ig and got myself an olive crawling pants These just came in the mail and im really liking it, thanks a bunch TCB!!! Gotta pair it with the s40s jacket for the complete look.
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    Got two horses to be pals with our lonely donkey. Spent the day getting Hansel and Gretel acclimated with Caesar.
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    Buzz rickson william Gibson watch cap and L-2b stevenson merino thermal Stevenson 220 carmel vans
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    Manifattura Ceccarelli, FW, TCB 40s, Paraboots
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    皆さんこんにちは!みんな素晴らしい投稿です。 @かめい先輩更新ありがとうございます!マンリーな雰囲気。 @ mandel9000フェミニンでクリーンなフェード。 私はカメラを手に入れました。 夜に部屋の照明で撮影するのは好きではありません。 実は日光が当たらない場所で直接写真を撮りたいのですが…特に気になることはありますか? 両膝に穴が開いています。 股間糸が擦り切れています。 猫も階段でくつろいでいます。
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    As promised yesterday, a quick post wash update. Not much progress as we’ve been in lockdown for about 60% of time of the contest. Hopefully will change for the better soon(because of the world...not my fades...)
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    hi! senpai here! I did the first wash I washed it with boiling water without using detergent. I used dryer for 30 minutes seam puckering is thin There was a little hole in the wallet button Let's enjoy together without losing to covid-19!
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    FW, SDA Suvin Gold shirt, MFSC jeans
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    Not much to update on fade wise, however as my thighs and butt disagree with cotton thread I did a small hand stitch repair on the crotch. Usually that means it’s time to wash, I’ll post an update pic of the whole jeans after the wash. Here are before and after pictures of the repair. Definitely not my prettiest work but I feel like it keeps the essence of the S40’s
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    My grubby paws finally let go of my 2nd pair I had originally gotten from @shredwin_206 but traded @Dan_F for one size smaller to the one and only formerly known as @sonisone on IG-Georgie is an awesome person, dresses so slick-I had to pass them on. They will be #81 and I’ll let them introduce themselves later once they create a username on here. But for now, here are some dark pics, worn once or twice by me and fit pics of Georgie.
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    Quick update on the Black Seed Leroy’s—fabric’s starting to wear thin, more and more holes forming on the knees, butt, crotch, pockets edit: Attempting to remove the duplicate photos…