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    my 1001XX, been wearing this jeans since 2019, I really like the raw fabrics at the beginning. However it started to feel lighter & drapey after few months. I always suspect it is the due to the heavy use of starch, because my previous experience with Japanese fabrics is very different, they stay sturdy and stiff after many washes. Since I am working with China denim industries and know that some denim mill accelerate the use of starch to make denim heavier in a cheaper way :)) I was quite disappointed with warehouse as it was not what I expected, but I still wear it quite often as I was living in HongKong and the wider fit & lighter weight is perfect for the summer time.. After two years the beauty of the fabrics revealed.....that vintage "spot" is just amazing. It feels light Somehow HongKong is no longer a good place for my kids & I fled to Edinburgh and feel this jeans is too light to wear in winter lol The first photo is closer to real color
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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