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  1. kenko

    Examples of Greencast/Redcast denim?

    Red cast indigo, aka pure indigo ( no sulphur dye mix) Green cast indigo ( a bit extreme though, there are a lot of mild greencast in japanese denim that you can tell by the greenish hue), Sorry for the terrible background it was taken long time ago at my work place.
  2. kenko

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    wear it like 5 days a week. One soak, then straight up no wash for 3 months. Two hand wash so far. Just like some members here I like to build up the whisker first then just wash them whenever I like... Indigo chain stitching with union special machine, love the wonky selvedge. CSF level achieved lol.
  3. kenko


    From the photo & video we can tell that this indigo yarn is dyed by rope dye. So the core is white. I guess it probably fades like synthetic indigo that is rope dyed? A lot of natural indigo denim produced by Japanese are said to be done by " hank dye" which keep the yarn soaking indigo thus the core is not white (this is also a myth as I never owned one or saw a cross section photo like above of hank dye yarn) I think Some 45r jeans are using natural indigo in rope dye too, boncoura is cheaper if we compare to 45r
  4. kenko


    @Lazerr I bought it from Alphashadow 3 years ago, just went with my actual waist size + 10% shrinkage for the initial soak. Its a pity that Alphashadow is no longer carrying them or even going out of business
  5. kenko


    The WWII is too expensive for me, sigh... Here are some of my 66 photos, my favourite fabrics so far.
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342