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    mpukas, USA, Iron Heart IH-888-NT, size 34 These are final pics, worn 'till the last day. About 20 months total wear daily. About 16 +/- washes. During the last month of wear there wasn't much noticeable change in fading since the previous update 1 month prior, but the crotch really let go a lot. I'll give these a final wash and then archive them in the closet. Looking forward to seeing final submissions from all who made it through. Congrats to everyone who made it! Huge thanks to @Megatron1505 for organizing the comp!
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    1946 SugarCane x Junky Special Each pair is 'one of a kind' as you can see from the individual wonky pocket stitch. Junky held an exhibition, towards the latter end of 2017 to showcase some of the vintage denim held in the Toyo Enterprise vault, the DS 1946 belonging to Mr. Ryoichi Kobayashi being one of them, this repro was sold over the counter to folks who attended the exhibition. The denim was loomed especially for this run of 100, if you look at this worn example the texture looks to be leaning towards WWII. Here's some more photo's.. They have a lovely hand made feel.. . Run off . . . . Here's a post wash fit pic SunSurf + JSP 46's + JL Don't go away just yet, put the kettle on...get the custard creams Ive also got the SC X JSP 1946 506XX . . Sloppy af . . fin.
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    more evo Aaaaaannnnd... I'm done with these. It's been a crazy, interesting, stressful, emotional 2 years of my life in these jeans. While I may never wear them again, they have a lot of memories attached to them as i wore them through a lot of ups and downs. Movin' on, in life and in jeans.
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    Recently received some Orizzonti era Denime. I'm not really sure what they are besides some odd rendition of the XX cut. They use 3 different types of buttons and don't have any back pocket rivets. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Worked for Nike for ~5 years and nothing I love more than some samples/promos and f&f shit. And to be honest my hunch is telling me that there's nothing to be skeptical about! Those look fine. Seen plenty of influencers toss to the side whatever cool gear they get, try to return it, sell it online- whataveyou. Often sans all the packaging because they've thrown it out lol. You've come across a great find! The best way to tell difference or if they're indeed real or just a custom though is if you share with us a pic of the inner tag! Usually it'll say promo or something different than the GR model.
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    I was thinking more along the lines of 12-18 months, 2 years absolute maximum.
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    Momotaro Wabash Vest Strike Gold Crew Neck Japan Blue x Okayama Denim “Sapphire Slub” Adidas NMD
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    Here’s a pick of the inner tag.
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    I am not a fashionista, I am just a guy who loves looking at Vintage WWII movies and photos. My guess is about one Sailor out of 10 was issued an N-1 that fit him as the current trend goes. The goal was to keep freezing seawater and wind and propwash from hitting exposed sections of your wrist because your sleeves were too short when you performed actual topside work. A little extra roominess meant more warm air trapped in the extra space. https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/n-1-deck-jacket-ww2-carriers-photos-help.91221/ I think its a great jacket and I can't see a Large fitting better. Your shoulders are wide and most of us guys do get larger as we get older. (EDIT: I re-read that you are currently losing weight so maybe this won't hold true for you.) As someone mentioned, you could have the sleeves tailored IF wearing it does not resolve the problem. What is your option if the store will not exchange it? List it on Grailed for a year until you finally accept a lowball offer to recoup some cash? Or just wear it proud. Its a great jacket with a great history. Here is Paul Newman in a deck jacket. This is how guys wore them. Loose.
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    And pictures of the 29s for sale. Shout if you're interested.
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    I quite like the idea of everyone who’s interested in some kind of contest just grabbing an unworn pair of jeans from their stash/pile/wardrobe/denim chest/etc and agreeing to wear them for a year. Most of us have a pair ready to go and this would encourage wearing what we already have rather than indulging in further unnecessary consumerism and the accompanying carbon footprint. The ‘green jean’ contest if you like. There could be no prize or each contestant could chip in a sum, eg £10/$10/€10. All contestants get a secret vote and winner takes the pot. C’mon everyone, Greta T would be proud!
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    It's great. This cut is one of my favs so im a bit biased. I'm glad that acronym is adding variety in texture (even though some of the knits are ugly as sin), cuz it helps break up the cosplay/costume look. It's a fairly warm mid/base layer. Wore it under my J51 in NYC today and it kept me very warm. Both pics below w/ the P33
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    @mlwdp my first impression is it's too big all around. Sleeves look too bulky and too long, shoulders look OK but body looks too voluminous. But it's your call - if you like the fit and look then that's what matters. If you just wanna make it work 'cuz you can't return it and you'd rather have a size smaller, then take the hit and move it for whatever you can, and get another one. It's part of this game we're playing - I've been burned several times by miss-sizing and had to take a hit for it. I think at this level we're playing it, if you're not 100% happy with it, don't keep it. We're not talking about a $100 Carhartt coat that you'd bet to sh!t and throw away in a year or 2.
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    If we went Maynard’s route I’d be in with either the MP-619 or the M41200; neither have more than a dozen or so wears (would that put me in the category of judges, or contestants?)…that said, a contest with different folks wearing different jeans doesn’t seem like much of a contest; that’s just folks wearing jeans
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    Yes, those are the interior ones, which can be accessed from two sides (both zips for each pocket are inside the coat though). If you count the backwards-facing side pockets as separate, more like 6 on the jacket, yeah.
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    ^ That’s not really the idea Broark if you have 10 pairs of Warehouse lying around!
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    With the definite caveat of timing I'd certainly be up for doing a special detail on existing cuts. I'd need to make about 12 pairs+ and if there were special details I'd need payment upfront with no refunds. Sorry to get down to brass tacks, just putting it out there to help people make decisions. I do like Maynard's green denim chest idea too though!
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    With that said, I love that cardigan.
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    Slacker Fashion is my favorite. Pendleton PBR Resolute LL Bean
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    Iron Heart get up in tokyo to Fuji and dropping by IH Hachioji -666UHR -SH204 -M65 -x Oak Street Bootmakers
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    Monsivais, CSF, Rite Stuff, PTC, Viapiana, Trickers (not mine)
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    Sugar Cane Okinawa SC40301, countless washes and I can’t remember its age. One of my favorite fabric and cut.
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    SC40304 after a few months of wear and 5-6 washes.
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    Thanks so much for all this guys, very flattered to be considered! I'd love to be involved in theory, but I'm afraid I have a backlog on jeans production at the moment, and I couldn't offer a special run until existing retailer orders are made up. I'll have a general restock of standard styles around the end of the year/January, but it'll be late Spring/Summer before I can realistically do anything special. Do anyone get in touch if this circles back, but in the meantime I'm afraid I can't promise a specific date for stock.