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    A night on the trusty old Sheila Maid and they're all but dry.. Photo's are a bit dark, they're still a little damp and it's 8pm in northern England SC-46's, Ive owned these jeans for 2yrs, ive only been wearing them at weekends so this is their second wash. SoaS 100% cotton chainstitch is holding up well Loom chatter The dark spots are just rainwater from the floor
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    I took a few photos of my 2002XX that I've been wearing since 2016. Full album here https://imgur.com/a/yupAdHk
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    Since there'd been a couple of hot weeks I'd started thinking the time had come to put the jeans in summer hibernation. Now it's cooled off again so I'm back in the saddle.
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    At Last x 2 / Butcher Products / IH belt / Alden / Well Dressed Head... on a trip to the theatre last night
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    S&M SunSurf M&S SC-47's with arcs obviously Vintage 2001 Adidas socks, fresh out the box. Converse @Flash kindly gave me 2 pairs of these Jack Stars, what a nice guy he is! Monty the cat from across the road, hangin' out on our windowsill
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    i love these parts after soaked yesterday
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    agreeing with @Jared_Lee - mad-core level of fading from contestants at this point... another wash and thus another mild & milquetoast contribution from me ... one observation: enjoying how the fold over of fabric in the backpocket is making fade line separate to the sewing...
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    Hi everyone, little update from Paris, France. Have a good day !
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    Hopefully your not sick seeing these but I've finally decided ( definitely ) to start wearing a new pair . There at a really nice stage of wear and I love the jeans so I don't want to wear them to shreds , the price hike means I'll likely not get another pair so these will only be for occasional wear from here on out
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    ... and then a fit for good measure ...
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    Took some Quick snaps of my cotton/linen 800’s before they get put back in rotation. They have shared the summer burden since hm, 2017 maybe. Getting there with a slow pace!
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    Some great lookin jeans on this page, especially yours @Yot! I’ve started wearing mine now after a successful men’s of the crotch. They’re really starting to pop.
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    ... and from a different day ... keeping it simple a simpleton contemplates his bag ... post overalls-filson-cabourn-rw
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    A little motorcycle maintenance and new levers installed today. I got clutch and brake levers to match the new foot controls I installed last month. Bonus shot of the jeans. Lots of good looking pairs in this contest. I can't recall another contest with this many well-worn pairs at a little over six months on. Nicely done so far and keep the updates coming!
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    My daughter had a virtual spring singing recital today, and the theme was "dress like an adult" and she dressed up like me. I am still mentally 17 years old though. Maybe not her teacher's intention. She did want to wear the contest jeans, though, which I reclaimed after the recital.
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    The conners are in semi retirement now so its time to start properly on the 46 25th pair
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    first time posting here. on our morning walk. great looks everyone! have a nice day. railcar, pbj, rgt, oni, viberg
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    Rototo hat, Warehouse sweat, TCB 50s, Birkenstock
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    Jeans after another wash. Wonky lighting and I'm no photographer. Oh well, you get the idea. A few shots side by side with the '50s contest jeans as well for rise and pocket comparison.
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    SunSurf & SC-47's & Adventure Time mug
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    Cottle, Blue Blue Japan, Mister Freedom, Clae
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    Picked a couple of new Warehouse shirts up recently from Yahoo, really falling for the fit of this 3019 in particular Warehouse / Hollows / TFH / Lofgren
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