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Evisu is still loved!


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Took these at work today.. Just over a years wear, maybe 3 or 4 washes. Its summer in Oz atm so the light weight denim is much appreciated. I know the legs look dirty but theres fine black toner embedded in them





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Your gulls look really similar to mine, but mine were handpainted and have about 4 months of wear in them. Usually the non handpainted gulls don't fade that much, nice!

Picking mine up at the tailor sometime this week (they've been there for a month already..), will post pictures.

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Your 2005's don't have it? That was one of the things that convinced me to buy 2005's over 2000's actually, loved the tab so much.

Nah i am gutted! Maybe ill have to buy more lol.

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Just a quick update on my No.3's. About 9-10 months in..





Ben im wearing your old Yamane Deluxe right now so hopefully towards the end of the year will have some progress to report :D

Does anyone know if those No. 3's are MiJ or the Evisu International versions?

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If im honest i dont really know how to start this post....

I have been getting very much into Evisu over the past two years and especially in the last year, surfing around finding details and history related to the brand we all know and love.

As we all know it isnt always easy to get this stuff and because it isnt easy its hardly ever cheap. Ever since i was about 15 (ten years ago) i started to buy denim and try to understand in myself why i was so fascinated by it and the way denim can evolve. At this point i didnt know much about it and started buying relatively cheap (in comparison) jeans from highstreet brands, my love and taste began to slowly grow the more research into different denim brands i did back then.

I found myself looking more and more into the beauty and depths of the denim i was buying and more so trying to search for that perfect indigo blue that no one else was wearing. I came across Evisu and i read the short story of the history of the brand often built in to the marketing of a particular pair. Basically the whole 1991 Hidehiko Yamane paragraph you guys are probably all too familar with.

I remember being captured by it and thinking to myself that one day i would have a pair of these denim jeans....at the time not realising what i had actually been sold was a bit of a marketing stunt from Evisu EU using the story of how the brand began in Japan to suggest these were infact from that country.

Either way like i say at the time i didnt know any different and eventually found enough money to go and buy a pair.....back then i didnt understand selvage denim yet and so went for a washed version. The denim to me was so soft and that deep indigo i spoke about above...i felt like i had found it in this pair. They are lot 0001 and at the time the waist size was the only thing that mattered to me....did they fit? Ofcourse yes they did....i wasnt concerned about the super relaxed almost baggy cut the 0001 has to it and i loved them...almost to the point where i wouldnt wear them due to being too concerned about getting them dirty or damaged.

Ever since that day when i slipped those on i always had a soft spot for the brand, i had paid alot of money at retail price to get them and it sort of felt almost like an acheivement to me if you like...

Time went by and i had bought other expensive brands but nothing Japanese still, i was still not awear that the Evisu i had bought to begin with wasnt really the "real deal"......

In around 2010 i came across this thread and the forum in general on SuperFuture and quickly realised that pretty much all the information i needed about the brand was somewhere in here and if it wasnt there are people in here who could help me understand.

One of the first facts i realised that what i had actually been sold way back in 2003/04 was some jeans by Evisu EU and that despite what i had read at the time about the brand they werent exactly what i thought they were. To this day i still have them and i dont love them any less than i did in 2003/04 but i knew it was time to get to grips with the real stuff.

I learnt abit and bought some SC Okinawa's and also managed to pick up some old deadstock Yen Jeans lot105's black label. These were my first two pairs of made in Japan denim jeans and i think this is because they were simply easier for me to get hold of at the time, the Okinawas came from Beatle and the Lot105's came from a seller on eBay. I didnt have a way of getting hold of the Evisu.jp at the time (didnt understand proxy services etc) and was dying to try something more authentic than my high street brands. Suffice to say it wasnt enough....i didnt feel like i could be satisfyed until i had got what i really set out for.

After researching abit about that cut and denim i would be interested in i decided lot2000 would be the one for me and no.1 denim if it was possible no.2 if not. Luckily for me after a while of waiting freezie on this forum advertised some new hot soaked ones for sale in no.1 and i was able to get hold of them at a good price (thanks freezie). So for the first time i was able to truely understand what is so great about Evisu.jp and how these jeans wear and fade over time.

Ive never been big on super high contrast whiskers etc etc blah blah but what i do know is no.1 denim after a few washes and a fair bit of wear goes beautiful. In the sun light laid out on a table you can see how the denim has worn and faded and i sort of found myself looking at different spots for long periods of time at the incredible blues which can be seen...sort of a mild addiction if you like.

I had been badly bitten by the bug and always kept looking around at different forums to see what was available and in this time came across some of the other proper Japanese denim brands like The Strike Gold/Samurai/Sugarcane and so on......

As i write this i am wearing lot2005 no.2 ive had for a little while now and love the fit, the leg tapers in below the knee slightly slimmer than the 2000 and this i think is pretty much the only difference between the two, it is Evisu's slimmest cut as i now understand it.

Having become so interested in the brand like many on here, surfing around on Japanese auction sites became almost a daily ritual to see what was what and what was about. I began to understand that some of the rarest Evisu has to a point stayed in Japan simply due i guess to Evisu.jp not shipping outside of their country and because it is expensive to buy these in Japan, let alone the fees/shipping involved to get them to the UK aswell.

No.0 is a number that i thought id never be able to see in the flesh as like i say alot stays in Japan it seems. One day recently i came across a pair.

I made the decision to pull the trigger.

I received them just over a week ago and i cant tell you how ridiculous the denim feels. I feel genuinely lucky to have them.





Evisu No.0 lot.1999 W34 L35.

Deadstock condition.



Never soaked.







Kinda had to pinch myself when these came through.

Thanks for reading.

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Nice one. Those are gorgeous! Ed, if you're reading this do you still have some #0 you're willing to sell?

I know we have another deal buried in the works right now waiting to happen, but I had forgotten about those #0 until now.

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Nice one. Those are gorgeous! Ed, if you're reading this do you still have some #0 you're willing to sell?

I know we have another deal buried in the works right now waiting to happen, but I had forgotten about those #0 until now.

hi jyoni i just sold 2 number 0's before i am keeping 2 pairs now in my collection. and not gong to sell it. sorry

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dan you finally got your 0's, congrats. Are you planning to get them painted at all?

I remember now....a few times we spoke about trying to get hold of them! I'm really not sure about paint right now. I wouldn't rule it out though.

I won't be wearing these for a fair while as I'm really trying hard to get my 2005's nice and they're well on the way but you know how it is...

What makes it so good is that these as I say are in gem mint unworn unsoaked condition. Theyre still stiff as hell. When I received them they even had the rear pocket card with them, soon as I saw that I was just like ooooooh my god!

What little if any no.0 there is out there for sale is all worn in, I didn't ever imagine I'd be lucky enough to catch a pair like this.

Demonator - I don't think there is much chance sadly I'm afraid....I was only lucky enough due to speaking to someone over there who on the off chance knew of somebody. It was a right place right time moment which is why I couldn't pass it up.

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Hoggreaser - I think your spot on its like a bug you can't get get rid of! Like you pointed out it applies across alot of different brands too.

Setone - They are left hand twill yes. I actually didnt realise that until you mentioned about it. To be honest I don't know much about this denim. I heard Evisu.jp choose not to disclose much information about it? I don't really know much about the weight of it either. As for price.....all I can say is that they weren't cheap. I had a generous number in mind and I went a little above it in the end....I just wasn't prepared to pass up the opportunity...I knew I'd kick myself if I missed out on them is all.

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