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just south of scu's campus on park.

pm sent.

FFFFFF nice! i think this calls for some sufu smokeeaters meetup. mrip on that 911 challenge? :cool:

i live a 1/2 mile from smoke eaters and scu

we're neighbors yo. you can catch me at smoke eaters on thursdays like clockwork kicking it with the furries out front

well not really with the furries

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I cannot believe the Cardinal Lounge closed down.

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hey, whats a good spot to get a banh mi. i went to lee sandwich today to get one and while it was good and hella cheap. ill assume there to be some hidden gem that i dont know of.

If you're down with veggie food, tofoo com chay on 9th and santa clara has some of the best i've had. The banh mi there is fucking awesome!

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Ahhh man where'd you leave to? If you're ever in the area let me know. Beers and some grub on me

i moved out to austin a few weeks ago. i'll probably be coming back to visit during xmas though..will definitely hit you up mayne. i got the beers, you get the grub. HB mod meet-up :D

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