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i think the funniest cosplay i saw was pedobear. PEDOBEAR PICKING UP CHILDREN omg i was in shock but i couldn't stop laughing. thank god it was a female under the costume.

i went with my friend joey and her little sis christine, and christine decided to dress up in her halloween costume.

i totally was freaking out when i saw this one


i thought it was so perfect haha

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should have a mini sufu meet-up, iguanas on saturday or something. a few people are already confirmed.

edit - anytime after 6pm i dont want to pay for a parking meter.

I'm one of the confirmed people, Hi will, jackie, crump, khoa and danvu. It's Kato

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has anyone ever been to the tequila bar in santana row? my friends want to go this friday night and i dont know what to expect, havent done the santana row thing in a while, so yeah.

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