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haha, who cares about the HS kids? triflin'

cupertino is nice man, san jose is kinda ghetto.

i'm in SJ and cpt is one of the few nearby places where i can go find some peace and quiet..

peace and quiet is right. that's why its so shitty. maybe i'm just disillusioned b/c i grow up there and it was horribly boring. great to be living in after you're an adult or parent, but growing up sucks here.

but i understand the dig, maybe i'm just not cut out for the 'burbs. that's why i'm not there anymore.

sup fallen angels.

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im down with cupertino...i party at my friends place right by apple all the time. but yeah, im a newcomer to norcal and I live in Santa Clara (go to SCU) and I'm lovin it so far...Ventured down into SJ the other week and thought it was pretty chill...minus some shady spots

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hella milpitas heads up here

if i see any dudes in dry denim + flannel im just gonna assume theyre from sufu.

If you see me at panera bread/pw/starbucks/california sourdough, say what up. I'll be the non-asian guy

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mmmm i haven't had california sourdough for hella long. we should have a pizza party at pizza california, i know a lot of the guys that work there :P it's pretty tasty. fallen angels, you live on like berryessa or something right? zubin, when are you usually around there? i go for coffee sessions with friends at night at least once a week at starbucks

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