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did you try the gyro if you did how was it?

i was tempted but i figured for my first time i'd go with their famous falafels which were sooooo good. falafels and pita chips + hummus = winner.

i'm back to school on tuesday, hella not even ready for it. gotta go to de anza tomorrow after my store meeting and buy all my books.. assuming there are still some left anyway. i hate waiting until last minute, i shoulda got them right away.

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bumping this thread. sadly i'm in this shithole area code, for now. only thing good about it is new medical marijuana club that opened up. lol

want to move to the city... or santa cruz. i work in campbell.

i'm also taking part in a charity art event at the anno domini, in march, for the santa clara shelter for battered women. buddy of mine is putting it on. there will be a bunch of art donated [including mine, if i can decide what to show] for silent auction, some bands etc, if anyone is interested.

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^what new mj club? i know there's a new one in Cupertino lol

it's right off 87 and curtner. right as you turn on stone avenue lol. called the CNAA#2. can't remember what all that stands for but it's the only one i know of in town. i used to go to santa cruz. really big place and they have decals in the windows that are pretty easy to see. plush waiting room and they pretty much only get dank. $55 for eighths and they're lowering down to $45 soon and that's for their top stuff. family owned and really nice people. lots of edibles and prerolled joints. not much extracts yet, i don't think, but i haven't really messed with those yet.

like this: http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/4/7/963212/blueberryhazemacro.jpg

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