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  1. taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    "Good-paying job" in Taiwan is almost an oxymoron now unless you are really exceptional in business, technology (hardware or software), or engineering in general. Most young people from Taiwan that are good at what they do, and actually get a decent salary, have already moved to the Mainland.
  2. taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    If your parents aren't too concerned about how fast you go to school and stuff... I'd recommend you go to CC in the US, then transfer to a nice university... THEN go study at 師大。 You already told me that you basically forgot almost all of your reading and writing skills. Aiyo, just take a community college class to learn the basics again, then move over. Don't move over to Taiwan to re-learn how to write 我最喜歡åƒçš„æ±è¥¿æ˜¯ç‚’飯ï¼That move would be a huge waste of your time, and your parents' money.
  3. Visvim F/W 12

    I find it ironic that so many companies have been 'copying' Visvim for so long, and trying to modify Visvim shoes in such a way that it now looks like Visvim is making the same designs as them, lol. Always in a higher quality, of course, though. edit: talking about the shoes.
  4. taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    People all over East Asia have fetishes with American college degrees. You can take Mandarin courses in American colleges too, man. You can also choose to study abroad for half a year / a full year if you choose to, as well. If you don't already have a high school level comprehension of Chinese, how the hell are you going to write essays in Chinese? If you tell me that you plan on majoring in something like English or Art History in Taiwan, I'll spit blood.
  5. taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    A rather strange choice, in my honest opinion, unless you are going to a top 5 university in Taiwan. You would've been better off going to a UC than going to college in Taiwan, in terms of hoping to find a good-paying job after you graduate. Your plan of becoming totally fluent in Mandarin will be hard, unless you plan on socializing with locals all the time. It's not impossible, just hard. I spent a year in Taiwan studying abroad, just learning Mandarin. I did take a local class (taught in English) though, and can tell you that students at National Taiwan University (å°å¤§ï¼‰are pretty intense students, generally speaking. What university are you applying for there?
  6. superconfessional

    Fuck, I have even dreamed (more than five times) that I registered for a class, and never went into class at all. No assignments completed, no exams taken. Those dreams are basically the same in feeling as what I posted above, but I think it's worse. This shit would never happen to me in real life, because I'm too careful for that shit, so I guess that's why I full out fucking PANIC.
  7. superconfessional

    I have intense nightmares about walking into final exams unprepared like once every half a year or so. In these dreams I am like ten minutes away from the beginning of an exam, and I don't know the material at all. What's even worse, is that my notes are always missing in the dream, so I can't even review for winging it. My heart begins to pound wildly, and I have panic attacks in my fucking dream. I always pop the fuck up out of sleep, heart pounding and all, right before any exam is set to begin. It always takes me two-three seconds after waking to realize that I haven't been a student for a little over two years now. Fuck, I hate these dreams. edit: lol, azn8oi4lyf, right?
  8. Pho?!?!?!?!

    I'd imagine pho in France and Australia to be pretty damn good as well. Someone post pics of pho from France.
  9. Pho?!?!?!?!

    I've been joking for years that I would one day make a journey down to Vietnam for like 2-3 days just for a couple bowls of pho, and it's since been realized by Dis. Now that he has confirmed everything that I've been afraid of-- that is, that pho in Vietnam perhaps isn't as good as what we're used to in the States, it seems that this journey can now be put on hold.
  10. superconfessional

    I changed it up, and realized that most people are just as lazy as I had suspected anyways. Thanks for the tips though. ISDiohdoiNSdioShdioSdhoihSdionSIdhSIDhKOSdhoiSHDoihdKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkk iMaGiNe ThErE waS a TrolL wHo TyPeD lIKE ThIS aLl ThE TiMe, AnD FeW WerE ReaLiZiNg AlL ThE WorK GoInG iNtO ThIs HAhA
  11. superconfessional

    I haven't posted on sufu in so long that I didn't realize that all text post in lower-cased letters now. I thought everyone on this site were just being lazy, but now this stylistic choice will just bother me to no end, now that I have discovered the truth. damn this.
  12. superconfessional

    I bought UU even though I'm fat. The jacket looks alright unzipped. I can afford Undercover, but would never cop because of the fat fit on me. hurhurrrrrrr
  13. china :: hong kong :: general

    are you even canto, man?
  14. superconfessional

    You are buying Visvim off worker's comp, you are the 99%. You are buying Visvim off worker's comp, you are the 47%.
  15. super umbrellas

    fuck, you live in 永和 or 新店 or something?