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oh yeah, we're going to have a closed party at Y-3 sometime this month.. gonna be catered, booze, and gonna have a dj as always. if you guys wanna go, pm me your address so when time comes i can send you guys rsvp invitations.

damn i havent post stalked you in a while, so you did get that job at y-3, congrats. will try to hit it up when i move back home.

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okay guys how about a post-semester/quarter dinner?

julian, do you go to de anza? i swear i see a kid that's the striking image of you, or what i remember you to look like.

yes i go to de anza. were you there?

i generally where my leather jacket and a chrome bag. look for the tall asian guy with longish hair and thats me.

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thats about the time i go there :D its the perfect post drinking meal and its on the way home for me.

side creeper note: youre dustins friend with the pbjs right? my roommate told me he met you lol and i recognized your name/jeans from when i was looking for a pair for my gf

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supwitit south bay

crissy, sam 4 weeks til december escapade, my plans aren't as concrete as i'd like them to be right now, but lemme see what i can do.

but basically im gonna see you guys.

can you house me?

while im up there i just plan to get some new cluthezz with my birfday monies and just chill nahwutimean?


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