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yeah it's not the most exciting place, but its not that bad at all. travel out to other places and you'll realize shit could be a lot worse.

some of ya are hella needy haha.. you don't always have to rely on your surroundings to find shit to do, go find some hobbies and friends who are fun to be around. people do drugs everywhere, it's nothing different here . and when you want to get out of town, there's plenty of cool places to go that are driving distance. SF, Napa, SC, Berkeley, PA, Monterrey, etc

i understand some of ya are still in school, but after you get a good job and start stacking bread, things get a lot better. (more shit to do). keep ya head up!

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ive gotten over hating san jose

it has a few good places that i go to all the time

iguanas, all the golflands, strawberry plaza (mitsuwa, etc), nordstroms rack, crossroads, raspuitan, street light, taco bravo, sjsu arcade and taqueria san jose

when im not there im just watching anime at home


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i would like to know on that burger tip as well!

but i'd like to go and try sliders. sweet potato fries? alwayssssssssss <3



this place is the fucking shits. izakaya, a bit expensive, but some suuuuuuuuuper good okonomiyaki. right off of north first next to the house of genji

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down for whatev, whenev. someone organizee

san jose taqueria=good shit, free chips for dine-in and futbol/soap opera always on. fuck la vics.

@fantasia right now, just had pho. wasn't a tax audit, they were just remodeling, no more jenky viet shop :(:( same price, same goodness, hella crowded (weekend line on a wednesday night, loll)

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Serious question: what place serves the best burger in San Jose?

Slider's bison burger is my current jawn. if anyone knows of a better burger, please share

i would say sliders has the best burger around. me and my friends were just wandering around in the car, stumbled upon the joint, and instantly fell in love. The fries are fucking amazing, the patty grilled to perfection, and the buns nice and toasty but oh so soft on the inside...

You can also pick and choose what toppings you want on the side bar, and it's super fresh and gooooooood produce. highly recommended... i need to go back sometime soon.

but St. Johns in Sunnyvale is decent also. there's half off burger night on wednesdays(?i think) and my personal favorite, half off appetizers on thursday or friday i believe. their bacon cheese fries are absolutely amazing. it's like potato skins/baked potato in fry form... yummmmmmmm.

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Gilroy, anyone?

Yo, one of my favorite breweries in the world is El Toro Brewing Company.

I wonder if they do tours, we should all meet there, do a tour, get drunk ,etc.

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Are all the streetwear stores that used to be in SJ last year still open?

I haven't heard much from them in a while..

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azuki is like selling bike parts and apcs

i see mad fixie bros chillin outside the store

premier is still there i think

purist is alive also

ive been meaning to go in cuz they stock nike sports wear

circle a is still alive also

thats all of them right?

i went to the new ramen joint inside mitsuwa

its better than the other places in the plaza

about the same as halu ramen i guess

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word on the street is premier moving to palo alto.

now there's a shop called aristocrat in japantown san jose.

i still need to go to the ramen place in mitsuwa. i went driving a bit in cupertino after school to get beard papa. checked out that japanese market next to it and bought an ashtray in the form of an owl and a coffee mug with cats on it from daiso.

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