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im looking for an internship. i graduated from sjsu with a finance degree

just missed out. my professor sent out an email for a finance/accounting internship a couple weeks ago, but the deadline was June 30th. sorry bro :(

since this thread became the "408 job search thread", anyone know an internship that's available for int'l business students? :D

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i just went to a horrible, horrible establishment "firehouse" in downtown sunnyvale.

the girls there are not good looking, dumb as bricks, and i even spotted some girls who went to my high school. the food sucked too, and the beer wasn't even good enough to savor the experience.

and the scummiest older men go there to try to hit on the waitresses, it's pretty disgusting. the girls have daddy issues and the sleezy flirtation from the older men boosts their self esteem. its true.

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