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Cultizm LVC Contest


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x-posting a couple shots from photos only:

10 month update - 1967 505xx:



I've been on sufu very little over the last couple months, but really am really impressed by the progress on a lot of these jeans... specially jyoni! TBH I'm not really loving that patch as it looks right now... but considering how much wear you put into those, the patch will probably look amazing in a couple weeks.

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Here are some pictures x posted from the lvc photo thread

the 67's seem to fade pretty similarly, however I think this might be my favorite cut so far.

There was an overcast day of pictures, but they remain pretty accurate to color.

^ sweet! the tag fade on Levis might be one of my favorite things about owning them...stoked about the 67s too, the zipper fly being the one thing I was originally eh about.

now I think the 67s zipper area fades vertically on the outside edge compliments the slender/long look of them and other areas like the thighs and whiskers seem more pronounced.

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the 67's seem to fade pretty similarly, however I think this might be my favorite cut so far.

I agree fellini, I really like this cut and am very happy its the one I chose too. Those look really good.

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Dear Contestants,

How time flies, it is almost 2 years since we started this contest. In 1 months time, the Cultizm LVC contest will be ending and we will be selecting the 3 worthy winners.

Final pictures will be submitted from the 1st of December to 15th of December, no further final pics will be accepted for the judging after this period. Results of the winners will be announce by the end of December 2011.

Contestants should submit a minimum of 4 pictures and a maximum of 6 pictures, ideally there should be at least the front, back, side views and a picture of how the jeans fit with each contestant.

If contestants have issues with being away during the month of December and are unable to post the pictures, they may email me with their final pictures before that, with their Superfuture username of course.

Once we have announced the results, the decision is final and we will contact the winners re prizes.

Thanks again for everyone's participation and we sincerely hope you've enjoyed breaking in your pair of LVC jeans.



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