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denime xx type & 66xx type 2 year contest


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The pockets on my 66xxs are making me frustrated, they're harder to get my hands into than my et.811's, which were much slimmer, especially in the thighs.

How do you make pocket holes bigger without distorting the shape?

Just stretched the pockets on a pair of WH 660s (my last pair had Skull-tight pockets and ended up distorting and popping the stitching).

Post-soak, I let them dry 'til damp and then, while still fairly damp, hand-stretched the pockets while they hung. The damp denim is pretty malleable at the pockets then. It worked out fine once they dried.

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well, let me not get too ahead of myself. this is simply a better version of a check in and the evidence of my super frayed pair...LAME!

ok, lets begin.

Day count (yeah, i did that too)- 135

Soaks- 1

Washes- 3 (11/21, 01/09, 01/26) dates in mm/dd, will add year perhaps next year. lol.

Front of the jeans, from waist to hem


Whiskers, which are setting in a bit, but because of this last wash for repairing reasons i will have to go back and reform them


rear of the JAWNS!



Had to repair this back pocket. also, it houses the Take 5 redmoon, getting them brownie points for doing a double T5 blitzkrieg on this contest. lol



And finally, the damn frayed ass crotch. i hate that i cause so much friction in my movements!





ok, now that the fun part is all said and done, how do you guys recommend i go about fixing it. and sorry about the 'no fit pics' i refuse to wear them until repaired.

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i hope the new denime managment will keep the same xx denim because all these pairs make me want some 66xx bad ( mabie they will still have some when im in Hong Kong, i realy shouldnt be thinking about new jeans now but what 's one more )

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looking good, deadendpro!

had time to do another (2nd) wash today.

few pics, to keep you entertained-

best washing powder available in germany for jeans imo:


eternals enjoying the party:


hmmmm iindiiigoo:


post wash pics to come...


btw: may i remind you guys to also post on t5 forum? this is important, cause t5 is our sponsor and benny should get to see, that the contest is running well and people are enjoying their jeans.

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those are looking seriously faded, what kind of movements do you do to have a almost crotch blowout already!?

In all honesty, i do the student thing 80% of the time. class class class. i'm always sitting. however, with the other 20% i'm foot soildering all over the place. i do tend to wear the jeans on average maybe 10-13 hours each time i put them on though, so it all adds up in the end you could say. but i dont ride a bike nor skate*that much*

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not sure how much wear i spend on these.started about a week after the contest began,wore them for a week and switched back to my Fullcounts til 25.Nov.,than back til the Pikebrothers 55 engineers arrived,which was mid-dec.wearing these now since 2 weeks again,so may roughly 6-5 weeks,but dont count me on this.the abrasions you see above happenend mostly this week,when i started to wear them under my bib-overall at work.quiete a difference to sleeping in your nudies,Atzec!


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