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What are you craving today?


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Ah, man. I went to this place today for a burger


So fucking good. $2.75 for a double cheesburger and $3.75 for a double steakburger with cheese. Crispy and homemade. The place was started in 1928 and i don't think anything has changed inside since. I can't believe i had never been there. I'm going tomorrow for a double steakburger with cheese, large order of homemade onion rings and a big ass chocolate malt

If you guys see a sale thread of mine soon selling all my size smalls and skinny jeans, you'll know why.

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Guest Phrost

^^ i haven't had a philly cheese steak in ages. today i had the chicken over rice at the famous halal stand on 53rd. it was okay, definitely overrated though. i have yet to try a falafel though.

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the best

I never had a craving for these, but they are good. My friend forever ruined them for me, however, when she compared them to cat shit covered in kitty litter. Sadly, after owning a purr of kittens for a year, I can confirm this juxtaposition :(

Right now I'm craving one of these, as I foolishly only purchased one bottle when stopping through the brewery...


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From that place super perro's i mentioned in the alcohol money thread


burger can have 2 beef patties, double portion bacon, double portion shredded chicken, pineapple, potato chips, tomatoes, cheese and sauces. Hot dogs can go basically the same route. that place is nuts

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