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What are you craving today?


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I could fuck up some Chinese fruit jelly cups.

really? I could never understand why Asians beast over this, I derive absolutely no enjoyment out of those tiny packages. Maybe if they were in some jello pudding sized cups I could get down, but I always feel angry at how small they are and you have to stick your tongue all in the shit, its downright Chinese, its uncivilized.

.....also bubble tea, WHY??

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^ lame craving.

i was friending some shake shack today. wanted to get my purple cow on real bad ya dig. line had to have been at least 2 hours long. who the fuck waits 2 hours for a hamburger? supreme might as well have been selling them shits. had so settle for a sub-par ass diner burger. not happy. i think i might do some momofuku tonight.

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I could fuck up some Chinese fruit jelly cups. Lychee and passionfruit.


Too bad they changed the design so they're bigger, now you can't just suck them out of the little capsule thing, you have to bite them (people need to learn how to eat and stop choking... ruining my life)

PS: Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie : tedsbakery5.jpg

And, don't fuck with the bubble tea, them Triads'll fuck you up if you mess with the bubble tea

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I could murder a Japanese-style lunch steak right now. Side of green beans.


Thank you, this reminds me that I need more rare meat and bean sprouts in my life RIGHT NOW.

should i start a wiener schnitzel proxy? milka proxy? will trade for DS in-n-out or maybe some good sashimi.

I will trade my soul for proper schnitzel.

You like Maguro Otoro Sashimi? I know a secret spot right near Tsukiji that has sashimi so fresh it will melt your face off.


*disclaimer: sashimi may appear different than photo taken from google images.

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yeah, but on the overall spectrum it retains crunch pretty well compared to its soggy brethren fruity/cocoa pebbles, lucky charms, even cinnamon toast crunch.

And now, your thoughts on crunch berries please?


crunch berries are the shit obviously. but i'm also all about og count chocula, which you couldn't get in canada so i had to cop on trips down to fred meyer in bellingham.


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capn crunch and fruity pebbles leave like a filmy taste in my mouth after i eat them.

and i cant find berry berry kix ANYWHERE!!! :mad:

i look for it every time and am disappointed, every time.

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