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What are you craving today?


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Title says it all.

Inspired by dis' Taco Truck.


also ... feelings, products, knowledge, goods, faiths, etc.

Today i'm craving:

- Mexican taco's/burrito

- Greek Souvlaki

- Canadian Poutine

- Universal Sex.

*started with the taco... then lead to me thinking about the good taco place in my uni's town... then thinking of all the other good food to get in the town after a night out... then lead back to the taco*

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all ihops? or just yurs in cleve?

(i dont even think we have ihops in canada but i usually go there or denny's when i'm in the states)

(shits supposed to be INTERNATIONAL!)

o its usually just a spinach and mushroom with cheese and stuff inside and i ask for them to add the chicken even tho i pay extra for it.

ya, the one closest to us is like 30min away :(

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