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What are you craving today?


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capn crunch and fruity pebbles leave like a filmy taste in my mouth after i eat them.

Thats just the taste of sugary perfection, your mouth must be trained to appreciate it properly.

Kix are simply unsatisfying, I even tried to sprinkle powdered sugar on them in my youth.




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^ my mouth is trained to appreciate a lot of things.

fruity pebbles and capn crunch just arent doing it for me. :P

and reg kix is not what i like either its the berry berry ones.

also, fucking love reeses puffs.

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hahahahaha. i just realized that a lot of my posts have also been about food that i am not really eating. :-/

and pop-tarts....although the ones with frosting on top have gelatin.....so i usually get the chocolate chip ones and have a glass of milk with it to off set the sweetness of it.

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^ breakfast food buddy! its on me if ur ever in cleveland. :)

I bet Cleveland has some real down home Midwestern breakfast. Where when you're done eating at 9:30, you're still not hungry until dinner and even then you can't look at bacon the same way.

I only like those diners where the waitresses are rude to you if you don't know how you want your eggs cooked.

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I'd like to brunch at the Drake hotel.

I'd have the fried chicken and herb waffles (bbq fried chicken, warm maple syrup, baked apple).

I had the chili cheese fries & fried eggs when I went there and it was really good too.

(the whole brunch menu is on the website):


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then you are forgiven.

but, riddle me this....





toaster strudels no fucking comparison

pop tarts are like the shitty cardboard emergency food version

edit: and not really craving it because i have it constantly, but lots of ice + apple juice, drink super cold apple juice, eat ice, repeat



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^^ i only like english toffee flavored stuff. i hate the way toffee sticks to my gums, teeth, piercing when i eat it.

I hear ya. I usually hate to eat it anywhere in public for fear that there will be a huge chunk of toffee sticking out my teeth.

I'm usually in the corner of a cold, dark room when I indulge in english toffee. most of the time I'm alone, but sometimes I invite ledger along because I'd figure he'd enjoy things of that nature.

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