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What are you craving today?


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i want a pizza burger, my yet to be pieced masterpiece:

bottom bun, red baron personal mini pizza rightside up: premio1.jpg(toppings optional)


beef_hamburger_patty.jpg(cooked, you nasty fagoots)


top bun, red baron personal mini pizza inverted:


put together for all 'merican nommms..

Belongs in the "Hamdog" thread ^^^ :)

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They were quality. My parents rarely let us eat out at fast food places so I remember how much of a guilty pleasure it was to get to eat those 4 greasy slices.

Also, one quarter even though I got all A's I also got all 5's (1-5 scale, 1 being best) in the "citizenship" categories like "works well with others," "follows directions," or "colors in the lines". So I didn't get the pizza and instead my Mom beat the shit the shit out of me.

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I was eating some doritos jalapeno cheddar sandwich crackers, and this shit tastes so good, just like real jalapenos. BUT: Now with the jalapeno taste in my mouth, I am craving some carne asada fries from the mexican place nearby! Would be so bomb right about now. They pile on the cheese and jalapenos over the french fries with sour cream and ground beef....yeah.

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I would love some eggo waffles

but there are no toasters allowed in the dorms


also, I am craving the inspiration to start this goddamn article for the paper. fuck I haven't written anything with journalistic integrity in like, 6 months

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