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What are you craving today?


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Just to clear my name, I wasn't actually serious about the lump of butter! That lump in the photo is what I hope to be a marshmallow.

Such a person who would ask for that in their drink would be entirely confused - the type who would freeze butter into ice cube trays and then put a few in a cold fresh glass of milk, listening to the light sounds frozen butter cubes may make when they hit one another...

A lump of butter???

I know small marshmallows in hot coco and that is just yummm, but A. LUMP. OF. BUTTER???

And then what happens???


Go to bed Sarah!

I will call you and tell you you clearly need sleep...

A lump of butter....pffffft.....

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god damn asians and bubble tea.

especially you california asians. you forgot your roots and breed with filipinos.

slurping those bubbles and studying pyschology at irvine. maybe ucla. stanford if you're lucky.

we have been sprouting our seeds into blacks lately.

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