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State, has 5 Guys gotten bad reviews? Haven't seen any publications knock them.

people on chow.com (foodie site/board) are quick to diss 5 guys. i mean, burgers get quickly hyped in this city, so many "omg you MUST try this place blah blah fuckin blah", but i think people dismiss 5G's unfairly because of the chain aspect.

for what it's worth i'm probably grabbing dinner there - i'm not one for lines and they make a solid burger.

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does anyone remember breyer's vienetta? shit was sooo good as a kid. dunnoz why they don't make that no more :(



OMG I remember this stuff! I would always beg my mom to get it at the store. She only got it once or twice but that shit was so gooooooood! I remember the commercials now too lol.

Damn, now I want some :( and some of those chocolate covered almonds in that bowl in your pic.

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